Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lose Weight after Pregnancy - Truth About Your Postpartum Body

Congrats! You have a baby

You survived three grueling trimesters, and are finally a mom. Still a trying period, your postpartum, or "fourth trimester," feels just as overwhelming. On top of undertaking mothering duties and enduring isolation, you have to deal with horrid side effects of a postpartum body -- and no, normal women don't bounce back like supermodels.

Curious of what a postpartum body really looks like? Here's the truth from me, a real mom of two:

1. You will lose your hair, in clumps.

An average woman loses 100 hairs a day. Pregnancy hormones, however, slow hair loss -- hence, that full head of lustrous mane you had -- but as soon as pregnancy hormones leave your body, extra hair will fall out -- sometimes in clumps. 

Don't worry though. The extra hair loss will stop in about six months.

2. Your breasts will swell.

After giving birth, you start to produce milk, causing your breasts to swell, engorge, and feel soreness. If you decide to breastfeed, your breasts will swell even more. This, too, shall pass as time goes on.

After breastfeeding, many women find their breasts saggy and smaller than before. Unfortunately, only plastic surgery can correct this. 

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3. You will have a muffin top.

Even after your uterus shrinks back to its normal size, your middle will look flabby. Your abdomen has been stretching for nine months, and it needs time to regain strength, and develop lean mass. Right now, just be patient, and begin cardio and core strengthening exercises.

4. You will see stretch marks.

Your skin also endured nine months of stretching, leaving unsightly stretch marks around your stomach. You can apply all the creams in the world, but unfortunately, there is little you can do to get rid of stretch marks. Overtime, though, some of them will disappear.

5. You will have bad skin.

Some women see discoloration; others get acne. (I did.) During postpartum, expect various skin problems to arise, even ones you have never experienced before. 

6. You will lose your memories.

All the late nights and sudden lifestyle changes will throw off your normal routine, as well as your train of thought. Due to a lack of sleep, isolation, and instinctual motherly worries, you will forget small things like where you put your phone. Again, don't worry, you will return to normal in due time.

7. You will sweat.

After giving birth, you are still getting rid of extra fluids in your body, which causes you to sweat excessively. Just pack an antiperspirant in the diaper bag.

8. You will experience back pain.

After your abdomen muscles have been stretched and destroyed for months, they don't perform as well as they used to, and put extra pressure on your back, causing discomfort and pain. When your stomach muscles regain their strength, your back pain will reside.

Judging from my first postpartum experience, your body will likely go back to normal.

Let's hope it's true for the second one also.

Do you have any postpartum body experience to share?


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