Saturday, November 24, 2012

Leopard Details - 3 Ways to Wear Leopard in Small Details

Not the type to wear head-to-toe leopard? You don't have to go all over with this wild print. While leopard is still in, attempt it in small details -- you'll look sexy without looking loud.

Out Black Friday shopping with my husband, I ran into irresistible leopard details. Even though we were supposed to get Christmas presents for the kiddos, I just had to add these to our cart.

Now, I can't wait to share my new leopard-detailed purchases with you:

1. Wear Leopard on Your Feet

Check out my new leopard-printed loafers! Do they look comfortable or what? My feet glided into them easily, and I felt like I was walking on air.


2. Get Catty with a Clutch

With straps, my catty clutch is a cross body bag; without straps, it is an evening clutch. No matter how I wear this leopard bag, I know I'll love its gorgeous details and roomy interior.


3. Wild at Heart - Leopard Graphics on Your Tee

After much debate -- feeling too old for rock n' roll style -- I finally decided to buy this top. Love the cross, with its pretty leopard prints and all. Also, the shirt felt really comfortable. Well, I guess you are never too old to rock n' roll.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and successful Black Friday.


How else do you wear leopard?

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