Monday, November 12, 2012

Chic in the Cold - Chic Outerwear for Cold Weather

Baby it's cold outside!

Air's crisp; days are short. The cold weather is upon us. Good-bye summer delights; hello winter nights. It's time to layer on the knits and bundle up tight.

Think you'll look like a wobbly snow man for the next few month? I think not. Done correctly, even fur jackets and bulky coats can look chic, sleek and fashionably fab. Doubt me still? Here are a few outerwear to consider:

1. Fancy Trims

A puffy winter jacket always deserves a warm welcome. To make it even better, how about a sliver of fur trimming around the hood? Cozy and fancy -- me likey!

2. Stylish Vests

One way to go boho chic is to dawn a fur vest. Think: Rachel Zoe -- she looks expensively down-to-earth, and so will you.


3. Wrapped Up in Warmth

Outerwear includes accessories too. How about wrapping yourself in a warm scarf that also makes a colorful statement?

4. Caped

A shawl or cape -- what an interesting spin on outerwear! I just love the one below. It's a classic.


5. Booty Love

A new style you must try -- and I plan to try it too -- is wearing boot covers. Boot covers look cozy and sexy. If you get sick of them, just take them off.


All images are provided by ML Furs. ML Furs is an online retailer that specializes in outerwear. It offers a combination of classic essentials with contemporary style -- a must visit if you are in the market for jackets, vests, coats and accessories.

There are so many ways to look chic in the cold.


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