Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gift Guide for Men - How to Find Gifts for the Men You Love

How do you find gifts for men who have everything they need

My husband and my father, two of the most important men in my life, both claim that they have everything they need. This makes finding gifts for them extremely difficult. With the holidays fast approaching, I better get a clue. Wouldn't an easy-to-follow gift guide for men be nice right now? Here's one that helped me, and perhaps you can use it too.

What does he NEED?

Despite what he tells you, what does your man need right now? Because, c'mon, everyone needs something.

My husband insists that he has enough shoes, but his sneakers are torn and his boots are worn out. Because he actually needs a pair of sturdy, comfy shoes, I plan to visit shoe stores like Schuler Shoes, a family-owned store that sells comfortable shoes for men, women and kids. In addition to multiple locations around the country, Schuler Shoes is now online, making shopping extra easy.

Maybe you should look into his closet, and examine his everyday stuff like shirts and ties. Perhaps you will find something he actually needs?

These Merrells are from Schuler Shoes. They are perfect for hiking.


Okay. He really doesn't need anything. But what does he want fantasize about?

Asking a grown man what he wants is a bad idea, because a grown man (with an income) can afford anything he wants. Asking him what he fantasizes about, however, is better.

And if your man has smarts at all, he better fantasize about you -- you in anything from Victoria's Secret, licking whipped cream, with your eyes closed...okay, I'm going on a tangent :O)

You, in anything from Victoria's Secret, makes the perfect present for him.

What does he value?

Look through his belongings, and you will find what your guy values the most -- keepsake that he has held onto forever. Perhaps his letter jacket from high school? Awards he neatly hung on the wall? Or one of the first apple desktops from the 80's?

A man's keepsake defines who he is. Giving him something similar tells him that you have done your homework.

Some men prefer simple gifts, like a family photo.

What fills up his 5-To-9?

Besides sleep, how does your man spend his free time? Giving him something that helps with his hobbies will certainly make him smile.

My husband likes to work out. Therefore, a workout shirt is perfect for him.

What does he laugh at?

Men's sense of humor puzzle us. But then again, our passion for beauty products puzzle them too. Regardless, men love being entertained. So entertain your man with things that he finds funny.

You might not understand his humor. But at least you know he will like the book.



Can you believe the holidays are already here?


How do you find gifts for the men you love?


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