Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back in the Land of the Living on Halloween. And an Outfit Post.

A Repeat C-section BITES!  

Recovery is much harder than the first one.

I remember bouncing out of the house just a few days after my first c-section. Unbelievably easy! This time, I did not luck out as much :O( Two weeks post partum, and I'm still knocking back the ibprofen, and moving in slow motion. 

Even after following every direction by the nurse -- no sudden movements, ice pack, hot pad, otc meds around the clock, and slow walks everyday -- I still feel painful soreness and burning.

But hey, today is Halloween. 

NOTHING is going to make me miss trick or treating with my girlie girls. So grab the ice packs and hot pads, and put on a decent outfit too. To the mall we go, for candy hunting! 

I must admit: after two weeks of around-the-clock feeding, burping and changing diapers, it felt pretty refreshing being in the land of the living.

Thank goodness for flow-y tops. They cover up the flabby middle that post partum moms carry.

Layering with a simple black cardigan makes this outfit more forgiving for a post baby body.

A pair of stretchy leggings is a must for pregnancy and after.

So glad we live in Seattle, where breastfeeding in public is well accepted.

A new mom's best accessory is still a sturdy car seat.


 Happy Halloween, girlies!

Thank you for joining my first official outing.


What did you do this Halloween?


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