Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stuck in a Funk? Change Up Your Looks with These Fall Trends.

Are your looks stuck in a funk?  

Hey, it's okay to get so busy with life that you become mundane with the same old makeup and hair. It's much easier repeating the same routine, right? 

After breastfeeding and changing dirty diapers day after day for two weeks, I screamed for an update last night, and found a few trends I cannot wait to attempt. 

Just in case you need a change like I do, here are a few trends this fall you might want to try:

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Good-bye sexy evening smokey. Hello daytime brown. While this look keeps the smoldering smokey effect, it looks much softer and daytime appropriate with shades of brown. It's pretty and convenient.

If you need a tutorial, visit my other blog's latest post: Cheap Makeup Reviews - Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

Wear Glasses. Or Ditch Them.

If you don't wear glasses, but crave that geek chic look, then wear a pair of fake eye glasses just for fun. 

Or, if you wear glasses already, ditch them, and let your bright eyes be the focus for once. And if you really like this no-glasses look, get contacts, or even lasik eye surgery to make the change permanent.

Green Eye Shadow

Feeling bold? Try an eye shadow that's as brilliant and beautiful as green.

Barely There Makeup

Sick of piling on colors? Leave them off, and go au-natural with barely there makeup.

Exaggerated Cat Eyes

Sex up your eyes for night with uber thick, uber long black liner. Meowww!

Part Your Hair in the Middle

Need an alternative to your regular side part? Try Rachel Zoe's boho chic do with wavy locks that part in the middle.


 How about you?

Any changes you want to make this fall?

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