Thursday, October 4, 2012

Skin Care Blog Post - Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets

Can you believe Jennifer Aniston is currently 43 years old? With such radiant skin, she could pass as a 20-something, making aging appear so easy.

For those of us who want to age as gracefully as Jennifer Aniston, we might be out of luck in affording A-list beauty team and expensive procedures. However, the low key actress has some down-to-earth beauty secrets that all of us non-A-list girlies can use.

Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets


Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets

1. Moisturize with Vaseline

Before bed time, Aniston applies just a dot of vaseline around her eye area to seal in moisture all night long.

Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets

Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets


2. Clean Deep by Steaming

For a deep cleaning, Aniston steams her face for 10 minutes each night to open pores, and then washes her face with a gentle cleanser. Doing so allows cleanser to get deep into her pores.

Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets


3. Wake Up with Ice Water

Aniston washes her face with a bowl of ice water every morning. Cold water not only jolts her awake, but also closes pores and refreshes skin.

Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets

See? You don't need expensive products or procedures to look like a movie star.

Do you have any beauty secrets to add?

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