Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - Top 10 Casual Pregnancy Fashion Ideas

Despite falling asleep on the machine, I receive a round of applause from trainers at the gym.

"God bless you for even making it here," they said.

Awwww! I'll miss seeing these guys. After this week's c section, no working out for eight weeks :O(


Girlies, I've made it! 

Survived nine months of pure hell, and off to the hospital we go. One thing that got me to the finish line was blogging about pregnancy fashion. As you can tell, I'm not the most stylish blogger, but sharing fun, fresh and casual pregnancy fashion felt profoundly fulfilling. It wasn't just about making myself feel better, but also about providing ideas for other pregnant women.

For one last time, to all you expecting mamas out there -- hope you have a lovely, wonderful and healthy pregnancy. Enjoy the casual pregnancy fashion ideas below, and don't forget to add your own in a comment or two.


Top 10 Casual Pregnancy Fashion Ideas

(by The Girlie Blogger)

1. Black Leggings

So comfortable and slimming, they go with any top. I wore them with long tanks, tunics and maternity shirts.

Six weeks: still slender.

14 weeks: beginning second trimester, and showing a little bit.

16 weeks: time to dig up old maternity tops.

2. Jeggings

They are like leggings, but denim. I paired my jeggings with a bubble shirt to conceal the belly.

19 weeks: almost half way there.

3. Empire Waists

Feminine and pretty -- a good choice for date night.

20 weeks: out with my sweet.

20 weeks: skinny jeans are getting snug.

4. Sequins

Pregnant women can glitter too, you know.

24 weeks: wearing maternity jeans now.

5. Kimono Tops

Love this Japanese style -- looks good and feels comfy.

26 weeks: feeling better in the second trimester.

26 weeks: somehow kimono tops can still hide a pregnant belly.

6. Shapeless Dresses

No waist? No problem. Put your belly in it, and you give this dress the shape of roundness :O)   

28 weeks: entering the third trimester. Home stretch!

7. Maxis

Skirt or dress, a maxi is comfortable, beautiful and pregnancy-friendly.

30 weeks: visiting Leavenworth with my family. A maxi dress is perfect for a summer day.

32 weeks: comfy and casual in a teal tank and maxi skirt.

34 weeks: strolling around in an asymmetrical maxi dress.

     8. Bright Tops 

When your belly is this colossal, why not show it off in bright tops and fun prints?

35 weeks: wearing ethnic prints.

35 weeks: looking bright and happy in orange.

9. Long Tunics

Long and stretchy, tunics cater well to a belly that's ready to pop. 

Plus, they make great transitional tops.

36.5 weeks: boy did I look like an eggplant here (lol).

37 weeks: feeling utter discomfort now.

10. Tie Front Jackets

For chillier weather, try a tie front jacket. It lets your belly out, as needed, but also seals the rest of your body in from the cold.

36 - 39 weeks: all bundled up for our bundle of joy inside.

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Thanks for reading!


Which one of the 10 best pregnancy fashion ideas was your favorite?




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  1. Good luck with your C-section. It's no fun but seeing your little one is all worth it. I am still recovering from mine :) Take care!


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