Friday, October 26, 2012

What I Am Loving Right Now

Isn't fall a fantastic season? Even in Seattle's drizzly atmosphere, you can find many reasons to fall in love with fall. 

Here are what I'm loving right now, in the fall:

Baking scrumptious pies.

Apple, pumpkin...all homemade and all delicious.

Wearing all shades of browns. 

How about a vampy color for Halloween?

Receiving get well wishes from family and friends.

A lovely bouquet from the M, F and K gang.

This one came from hubby and Jo.

Snacking on Meiji chocolate-covered almonds.

Just can't say no to sweets.

Hearty almond covered with creamy chocolate - mmmmmm!

Trying a new night cream with lighter formula.

Light for night? A must try.

Guzzling down extra water, like all breastfeeding moms do.

0 calories and so hydrating.

And most of all, enjoying quality time with my new baby girl.

She's a baby for only one year. Savoring every precious minute.

What about you, girlie?

What are you loving right now?

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