Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pregnancy Fashion - Pink for My Girlie Girls

Why is having a boy so important to Chinese people? 

I don't get it, and I don't really care to find out. But I do care about the disappointment and sympathy in my Chinese (and sometimes Asian) friends' expressions when I tell them -- excitedly -- that I am having a baby girl, and their rolling their eyes as if I should secretly hope for the latter. (I have feelings, you know.)

Why must a Chinese woman like myself -- American-grown and U.S.A by nationality -- be expected to want a boy, like every other Chinese?

I know a handful of well-educated and perfectly bright women who went to ridiculous lengths just to have a boy -- eating herbs that are NOT approved by the FDA DURING PREGNANCY (wow), wearing funky garments, procreating in certain positions, and making babies according to some ancient gender chart

Ladies, the Y chromosome comes from the male. Your baby's gender is determined during conception. If the "magical" herbs do work, make your husbands eat them -- and do it beforehand. (Or try to conceive closer to ovulation, as Y lasts shorter than X, if it even makes it there.)

Thank goodness my wonderful family never pressured for a boy, and provided much support during both pregnancies with baby girls. To my family, a baby is not boy or girl, but God's miracle.

So, for my last pregnancy fashion post, I am proudly wearing pink, and proud to mother two beautiful girlie girls.

 Boy or girl -- does gender matter that much?

Eat nutritious foods. Take vitamins. And leave those strange herbs alone.

Please care about the baby's health, and not the gender.


Hope all you expecting mamas out there have a beautiful, wonderful, healthy pregnancy!

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