Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nesting for a Beauty Blogger

How are you STILL pregnant?

That's the reaction I have been getting lately. I know, I know. Seems like I've been carrying a child forever. Unfortunately, after Wednesday's disappointing amnio results, the much-anticipated c-section must delay for another day. Guess the little bun really likes her mama's oven :O)

I could kick. I could cry. But I decided to conduct extra nesting instead with the excess time.

What is nesting?

Nesting is an instinctual behavior all expecting mothers experience before their baby arrives. Cats, dogs, birds...they all nest in some way. 

For us human mamas-to-be, we nest by stocking the fridge, organizing our closets, or doing something similarly domestic. And for a beauty blogger (a.k.a collector of all makeup) like me, I somehow managed to organize the atrocity that was a massive product stash.

What's so special about a beauty blogger's nesting?

You must understand that organizing at all is a phenomenon to me. It always took weeks of nagging and at least one medium-sized dispute for my husband, the clean one, to motivate me into tidying up.

Cleaning just isn't in my genes! Organizing an overflowing makeup counter, therefore, can take more effort than climbing Rainier.

Like me, fellow beauty bloggers have a tendency to stock up on makeup and skincare. Before we realize it, we have just filled the umpteenth basket of gloss, and organizing suddenly feels like running a country.

If you also have a likelihood to stock up and clutter, then here's a no-fail system you can use to organize your own atrocity that was a massive makeup stash:

A Beauty Blogger's Nesting System

Step 1

Get proper storage bins.

An all-purpose basket like this one always helps store stuff.

For products that you don't use often, use a makeup bag.

Step 2

Dump everything out of old storage bins or drawers. Create a blank space.

This was where all my makeup sat. I dumped everything out, and cleaned it, giving myself a place to start fresh.

Step 3


Looks messy, but once you start categorizing into eyes, face, lips...they won't seem that bad.

By the way, if something is junk, part ways. You won't miss them, or the bacteria they carry.

Step 4

Clean bottles and wash tools.

Baby wipes proved useful for cleaning bottles too.

Just soak brushes in soap water to clean.

And leave them on a towel to dry.

Step 5

Regroup and separate your makeup into the categories you've just created.

Looks much more organized now.

Bet it'll be easier to find things too.

Step 6

Store older, non-everyday items for blogging purposes only.

You never know if you'll need one of these for a blog post soon. Stash them in a drawer for occasional use.

Hope this post helped someone.


But of course, you are probably much neater than I am.


Any other organizing or storage ideas for makeup?



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