Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Flowers of War Makeup - My Humble Replication

Have you watched The Flowers of War? A must see, if you ask me. An untold tale of two groups of women, doubtful to ever cross paths, except under the tragic circumstances of war. But aren't tragedies the very birth place for acts of valor? Where ordinary people do exordinary things, and where heroes are born?

Watch the movie, and you will see what I mean.

flowers of war makeup

Aside from the film's wonderful story telling and cinematography, I was also in awe with the makeup. Women of 1930's China oozed of glamour! 

Of course, with my homegrown skills, I was never going to give it a decent replication. But I had to try. Here is my humble attempt to replicate the makeup from ladies of The Flowers of War.

flowers of war makeup
Actress Ni Ni in 1930's glam makeup.

flowers of war makeup

Products I Used:

1. Gel eyeliner and pencil eyeliner.

flowers of war makeup

2. Lengthening mascara. Lots of it.

flowers of war makeup

3. A soft, bronze eye shadow.

flowers of war makeup

flowers of war makeup

4. Matte foundation.

flowers of war makeup

5. Face powder.

flowers of war makeup

6. Deep, red lipstick.

The result?

Well, not quite the same as The Flowers of War girls, but it's as close as I can get.


Thanks for reading.


Have you seen the movie?


How do you like this super glam period makeup?



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  1. Beautiful!! That lipstick really suits you. I love the sound of the colorstay whipped foundation. I love normal colorstay and we don't have the whipped version here x


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