Monday, November 30, 2009


Unfortunately we can't live without pores.  But it is possible to make them smaller.  With a little TLC and some lovable products, nasty pores are gone...or, at least they can appear to be gone, for good.

Here are a few tips and products to eliminate the appearance of pores:

1. Wash your face each day with a gentle cleanser.

All skincare start with a clean face.  Regular cleaning ensures that everyday dirt and oil are properly removed.  If the pores are clean, they are less apparent.
I would suggest a mild face wash that's less harsh topically.

2.  Exfoliate once or twice each week

Clogged pores are gateway for acne and blackheads.  Yuck!!!!
Regular exfoliation can help both rejuvenate the skin and unclog pores.  This leaves the skin refreshed, clean, and ready to rejuvenate.

3. Try a mud mask

Mud masks are great for drawing out dirt and oil, all those nasty stuff that hide in your pores and make them more obvious.  This is a great practice to conduct once every week.

4. Moisturize

This one is a no brainer!  Moisturizers are essential for clear skin.  
Do pick one that is oil-free and contains SPF.  

5. Use a matte foundation

Foundation with a matte effect can make skin less oily-looking.  When applying, use a foundation brush and tightly press down on the skin. This will help pores look smaller.

6. Just a little bit of help

This is a topical cream that smooths the skin and cover up pores.  You can wear it on top of or under make up.  Either way, it works pretty least for me.  It's just a little extra trick.

Hope this helps :O) No one's perfect, but you can have porefect skin!



  1. Ahh I was tempted to buy the Pore Minimizer in Sephora last month. So you say it's effective?

  2. Great post! I love facial products by Aveeno and Clinique. And I totally agree that regular cleaning is really important for proper skin care.

  3. I have used those Clinique products and they were fantastic!

  4. Thanks for sharing your pore-perfect regime^^ hehe I love doing face scrubs :D

  5. st. ives is a great cheap scrub! I've used it before and loved it, but now I'm only using dermalogica, because that brand rocks!


  6. Great tips! St Ives is a great brand. I used to use it but in the spirit of adventure, I moved on to try out other brands. :)


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