Thursday, November 5, 2009


There may be all kinds of different facials we girlie girls get, but all of them start with a clean face. And the #1 tool for cleaning, at least in my book, is the CLARISONIC SONIC CLEANSING SYSTEM.

With patented sonic technology that gently cleans with a brush head vibrating at a frequency of 300 movements per second, this girlie gadget cleans deeper into your pores than hours of scrubbing!

I can only speak for myself when I say that I LOVE THE CLARISONIC SONIC CLEANSER!!!! After only 1 month, my pores and black heads seemed less apparent and those nasty zits rarely come out.

In terms of usability, I love how the brush head is replaceable. After all, the more modular something is, the more user friendly, right?

But back to the subject of a clean face, the CLARISONIC SONIC CLEANSER is a facial essential.

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  1. Hi Tris, I just checked, you have me on your link list, but you were not on my link list. However, I have added you now. Thanks for adding me to yours, very sweet of you!

  2. so many ppl have been raving about this product. Girlie, I rreally would love to know if the clarisonic is gently on exisiting scars or pimples? or do you avoid using on acne areas??

  3. OooOO this looks cool!
    Is it rough? It kind of looks like it. I have super sensitive and thin skin. I don't want to end up looking like raw meat :p

    We actually did have a costume contest at work last Friday... votes came in today and I actually won!! woo!! haha :)


  4. Colin: Thanks for adding my link!

    Beauty and Bunny: There are 3 types of brush heads and 1 of them is for sensitive skin.
    Sephora and Nordstrom are both very good at their return policies.
    I had to justify buying my Clarisonic by skipping facials for a whole year! But it's worth the price!

  5. I love the Clarisonic Skin brush! It makes my skin feel so soft and I really believe that it helps my beauty products absorb better!

  6. Seattle Savvy Insider: Yes it's like getting a mini microderm each time. I also noticed that my blackheads are less apparent, which is always nice :O)


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