Friday, December 23, 2011


A stay-at-home mom often gets the following reactions:
  • Confusion -- Why would you stay home when you can go to work?
  • Pity -- You must be sooooooo lonely.
  • Resentment -- Must be nice. Staying home all day, living off of your husband.
  • Exclusion -- She's not good enough for us. She will NEVER be good enough for us. 
  • Judgement -- Does she have anything intelligent to do say?

Sometimes a stay-at-home mom receives a combination of the above reactions. And when you are a stay-at-home mom in Seattle, where people are generally cold, you are pretty much SCREWED!

No. I am just kidding :O) You can still make friends. Seattle has many accommodations for stay-at-home parents to connect with each other.

Seattle's neighborhood playgrounds, for example, are excellent places for kids to make friends, and parents to network. I take my daughter there almost everyday, and have interacted with very nice people.

This is my typical playground outfit -- leggings, knits and booties.

It's warm enough for Seattle's chill, cute enough to wear out, and comfy enough to play with my active toddler.

Just came back from chasing the little one.

Thank God I bundled up.

What does your city have to offer parents and toddlers?


  1. I'm also a stay at home mom so I know where your coming from. Unfortunately my city only has an outdoor park. Nothing else =(

    Love your outfit.

  2. Love the outfit! Don't know much about parents and kids since I am not parent BUT I hear theres tons of play groups around here.

  3. You look so cozy. I've been working since I was 16 so I have no idea there is such network. It's great though! Happy Holidays to you and your family =)

  4. awww.. you're a gorgeous mom!! :D I think Seattle is a nice place. I can tell from the look of the neighborhood. :) I wish our place was like Seattle though :D

  5. You look great for having just chased the little one! Love your outfit.

  6. parents and toddlers in jakarta can be quite glamourous.. we dont have playgrounds, but there are kids gym.. yup kids gym.. and spas and all..

    merry christmas !

  7. i'm not a mom but i know a few stay-at-home moms... they usually go to the mall and bring their kids there... there are plenty of for-moms-and-kids stuffs in the mall like playground (padded, safe, secure etc) , photo booths, game zones, etc...

    unfortunately, since philippines is a tropical country, people don't usually wear boots, but rather sleeveless, thin clothings, flipflops, tong-sandals, and the like...

  8. Cute and comfortable...lovely combination

  9. I'm afraid I won't be useful in this subject because I don't have any children...
    I really enjoyed your post!!!

  10. Is intresting to know that you have supporting neiboors and nice places to go with your little one... and Staying home moms are amazing!!!

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  12. WOW I love your blog !! Follow each other? :)
    Kiss kiss

  13. I love your boots especially! :)

  14. This outfit is so cozy and stylish! I love everything about it, but mostly the boots and the cardi!
    In my city there are some playgrounds, but nothing for stay-at-home parents to connect, which is a shame.Happy Christmas weekend lovely!

  15. You look great :)
    Happy Holidays!!!

  16. My son is grown and on his own.

    I always felt bad that I couldn't be a stay-at-home mom.

    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right?

    You look darling in your playground outfit. lol.

  17. here in Bandung, we are very emmm... welcoming and open and just plain naive I guess. We always have something nice to say to everyone. Either it be a working mom or stay at home mom :)
    there are kids gym classes that also a day-care center.

    I love your boots!


  18. Stay at home or not! You're fabulous! Love the cardigan and shoes!!!

  19. Those boots are super cute!

  20. cute boots!! you look nice and warm. even tho i am a working mom, there are a few active mom communities around here.

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  21. cute boots!! you look nice and warm. even tho i am a working mom, there are a few active mom communities around here.

    Enter the Christmas Giveaway!

  22. I love your all cozy outfit...
    I am your new follower, follow back please..

  23. You're tiny, can't believe you're a mom!

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  25. Love your outfit! You look so cozy but really cute!

    xoxo, H

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  27. Merry xmas my dear!!!!

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  28. I love your outfit
    I've heard Seattle is a great place to live in:)

  29. Such a cute going out to play with your daughter outfit! :)
    Glad that outfit keeps you warm, I think if I was you though I'd be bundled up WAY more. Lol

    Merry Christmas hun! :)


  30. you are probably the most stylish mom at the playground!! ;-) i hope you had a great christmas!- tara


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