Friday, December 30, 2011


Do you use daily deal sites? 

I do. I check all the time to see what kind of great discounts I can run into. What can I say? I am a frugal mommy.

Lately I have been spending some time at No More Rack ( It is an online deal site that offers excellent discounts on girlie merchandise I love. When I say discount, I'm talking up to 80, 90 percent off. Sometimes you will find free items too. Shipping is a two-dollar flat fee for everything.

Merchandise range from trendy jewelry to accessories to children's clothing. However, deals are daily, so if you don't act fast, you miss out.

If you want to read some nomorerack reviews, you can do so at

You will find that nomorerack is a legitimate and wonderful daily deal site.

Well, enough blabbing. Now let's get the deal hunting started.


  1. I've never heard of them. Thanks for sharing, because I love Groupon and LivingSocial etc. Will definitely check them out. :)

  2. The deals on nomorerack when they first started (around this time last year) used to be MUCH better. They had MBMJ bags, Gucci bags, Stila makeup, MAC makeup... now- not as much :(


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