Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I had a much-needed facial last weekend. 

Boy did my skin look horrible! Acne everywhere. I thought only hormonal teenagers got zits?

Thanks to the knowledgeable esthetician at Las Vegas's Elements Salon and Wellness Spa, I received an hour of pore unclogging. (It was painful. Don't do it at home.)

Elements Wellness and Spa in Las Vegas

A very clean, friendly and well-stocked salon and spa

She also gave me a few advise that I am definitely taking to heart:

1. Get your pores extracted professionally

2. Exfoliate at least twice a week

3. Use products with salicylic acid

4. Eat lots of apples

5. Use additional products, like an acne removal system, if nothing works

Do you have any advise to share?

My face looks like a pizza pie, so I am all ears :O)


  1. Oooh i love getting facials!

    love from San Francisco,

  2. Glycolic acid is another great exfoliator to use!

  3. I try to exfoliate at least once a week. That's interesting about eating apples to help with the acne. Great advice :) I like to use a facial mud mask on my face. I don't get a lot of acne but I occasionally break out.

  4. did a post not too long ago about using baking soda as an exfoliant. works wonderfully!

    thanks for the post.


  5. These may just work for me but..eating clean by eliminating greasy and sugary processed foods, drinking ALOT of water, and washing your pillowcase often.

  6. adult acne is usually hormonal and needs to be treated from the inside. I month of taking evening primrose oil has worked absolute wonders. I recommend it to balance out hormone levels and help skin.

    I also find that 'less is more' with bad skin, the more i put on it, the worse it gets. So i try to let it breathe and keep it clean.

  7. is your acne really that bad?? doesn't seem like.. i think your skin is good...

    Anyway i believe that prevention is better than cure... although i haven't had any facial treatment experience yet, i just prevent from touching my face, i clear my face from make up before going to bed and make sure that i wash my face before going to sleep... i also don't wear make up when i'm at home or just need to run some errands outside (especially activities making my face sweat)... and i use a specific brand of facial cleanser/scrub... you should find out which one best suits you...if you're too afraid to experiment, better use hypoallergenic products.

    And oh, if you go on dermatological treatments, just make sure your skin will still look natural... I have what i call "chemical skin" (looks like a plastic/porcelain...too shinny...obviously not natural) - and we don't want that! GO FOR NATURAL LOOKING BEAUTY!! :)


  8. I was just enjoying reading everyone's tips and advice. :) I had to go to a dermatologist at one point, but it was due to stress.

  9. Totally can relate. I love the massaging side of the facial process, but not the extracting and popping!

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  10. You need to try Black African Soap! I live by that stuff!

  11. The best advice I've ever received from my dermatologist that is the MOST effective (but is really difficult to adhere to) is to not touch your face. I have really bad habits of always leaning my face on my hands when I am reading. Once I broke that habit my skin cleared up and improved dramatically. Another method that is effective, but is not the most natural is hormone therapy... but this is an option that should be discussed with your physician after an assessment. Best of luck! I love your blog!

  12. I use to use ProActiv until one day the lotion burned my skin. I am still trying to look for a product that will keep these little hard bumps I get at bay.

    So far, I have just been trying to exfloiate once a week.


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