Saturday, June 14, 2008


Unfortunately, when it comes to toxic friends, I have had more of them than real friends. How do I know they are toxic? There are various ways and they all start with "too": too competitive, too jealous, too needy, to "me me me"...Luckily, over the years, I stopped being so catering and cut them loose - well, most of them.
You see, toxic friends are just what they are - toxic. They pollute your life and bring you down. They have no way of dealing with their own problems, so they pawn them off onto you.
When I was younger, I was more accepting of these back-stabbing, selfish, "I am the center of the universe" morons. And it took some time to cut loose. But after completely eliminating their negative energy from my life, I was able to "breath" and never felt better.
I'm sure by now you have identified toxic friends of your own. Whether you decide to gradually cut them out, or go cold turkey, just remember that quality always trumps quantity - it's always better to hold tight of really good and trusting friends, even if there are only a few, than really bad ones that intoxicate your life.

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