Saturday, August 9, 2008


Want younger skin? 3 words: MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE!
Personally I prefer AVEENO POSITIVELY RADIANT DAILY MOISTURIZER WITH SPF 15 for day, Neutrogena POSITIVELY FIRM for night, and SHISHEIDO Eye Moisture Recharge for crow's feet.
In addition to using products, it is also important how you apply them. Instead of stroking from the top to the bottom of your face, stroke from the bottom to the top. This way, you are messaging your skin upwards, in a way defining the weight of gravity.
It might not be natural for you to use the bottom-up technique, but it becomes easier with practice.
For me, I actually start from the neck up, ensuring that all movements are upward and lifting.
And with eye cream, I use my finger tips, start from just below the eye and message around to the outer corner.
Of course, your skin has much to do with diet and genetics. However, products are proven to help. And if you use them, you might as well use them with a great technique.

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