Wednesday, October 29, 2008


One regret I do have is that in my twenties I should have taken more time for myself. Partly because of loneliness and partly because of boredom, I often filled my weekends and sometimes weekday nights out on the town. Even under exhaustion I felt obligated to be out and seen.

Now, though I still enjoy a fun night out, time for relaxation is much more sought after. On a very recent weekend, everything I did, I did for me: sleeping in til' noon, ordering Chinese and watching bad scary movies, steaming my face while blogging and web surfing, and of course cuddling with hubby and our little puppy. It was like a sweet escape to absolutely nowhere, and it was absolutely the best time!

Everyone gets into their day-to-day hectic routines without realizing how tired they can become. We are always doing something for someone else. It's time to do something for ourselves and just unwind. Be it meditation, lounging around or even cleaning the closet. Any time you spare for yourself can be healthily therapeutic. Perhaps after you recharge, you'll have the energy to dance the night away again!

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