Thursday, January 7, 2010


I swore off the tanning bed for health reasons, but can't help worry about getting that golden glow.  Luckily, there are a few products out on the market to help with a faux tan.  

First there is Clarins  Self Tanning Instant Gel.  

It costs a pretty penny (okay, more like $32.00) but the effect is near instant (less than 30 minutes) and the color is almost believable.  Just today, I dabbed some on the face and neck and my co-worker complimented me on looking "not so pale".

Another great product for "faking it" is bronzer.  Here I am using Cover Girl.  I swipe a bit on with my foundation brush before applying foundation all over the face.  It gives my skin a gentle glow and looks quite sun-kissed.

Faking it instead of baking it - I like that healthy concept.  And one thing that I DEFINITELY will NEVER fake... love :O)


  1. Thanks for dropping by Trish, with your bronzers I would love to see how it look like on you, I bought a bronzer ages ago but have no idea how to use it, not even sure where to apply it so I gave it away.

    Maybe you can do a tutorial on bronzers :)

  2. Haha I'm just pale and I've grown to accept and love it. If I get a tan, fine, but I don't go out of my way for one!

  3. I tried a sample of the Clarins instant tanning gel and was pretty impressed myself. Haven't yet convinced myself to spend the moola on the full size yet.. very tempting though!!

  4. I hate you lots :X I am forever trying to be pale and ridding my tans and here you are chasing it LOL

    You should do a tutorial on bronzers for the pale ones XD I always want to use bronzers because they look nice on the models but I don't want to look like I just came back from Egypt haha

  5. haha so funny, you are trying to look more tan and I'm trying to go for that white skin look!

  6. I need to start looking into the 'fake' glow, i've gotten too many 'you look so pale, are you ok?' questions lately. ><

  7. Also I had no idea how to use it!

  8. I'm as pale as they come to be honest so i have no worries about bronzer!

    For all things fashion:

  9. I tried it before, it is pretty good. nowadays, I use Guerlain bronzing powder for my face.

  10. Hi Tris, thanks for your welcome comment on my last post, me funny? wonder why?? hahaa...

    Fake tan is more healthy than getting burned by the sun, however, how safe is the ingredients in this tan lotion...?? you have to keep in mind that your skin absorbs quite a lot of the lotion which then gets into your system. Sorry, but you have to think bout it. Some suntan lotions allegedly contains harmful ingredients. So please be careful what you put on your skin.

    Thanks for your kind wishes, my Sunday has barely started..

    Have a super day.

  11. I'm always scared that using self tanners will give me the orange look, so I've never tried that before. But I do use bronzer on my cheeks!


  12. I've heard good things about Clarins, goodluck on your tanning ^_^.

  13. I fake it during the summer months as well because I don't like using tanning beds and I'm too afraid of getting skin cancer so I don't expose myself to too much sunlight. I find that Vasaline Healthy Body Glow seems to work the best overtime. But I'll definitely keep these products in mind for next summer.

    I also want to say thank you for continually visiting my blog and for leaving comments. I really appreciate it. I've been so busy this past month, I haven't had any chance to visit your blog to say thank you. Hope you're doing well in the new year!


  14. oh you hit the soft spot. I am SO pale right now... i look sickly! However, I'm too lazy to go to the tanning salon and I'm too lazy to put on self tanner... so what do I do?? The only thing I don't like about self tanner is that I can never make my tan look even. Talk about lazy. It takes so much effort to look pretty don't you think? haha


  15. Ha ha! I love that tag line: Faking it instead of baking it! Cool! :D


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