Wednesday, April 7, 2010


If you are unlucky like me, you will battle with difficult pregnancy symptoms like aching, bloating, extreme nausea and fatigue.  Even well into the second trimester, I am still feeling sick as ever.

However, after 3 months of idleness, my active self just couldn't take it anymore!  Though the intensity has been lowered, I picked up my weights anyway and started at-home exercises that anyone, even a pregnant girlie girl, can do.

Here is a great weight exercise for the shoulders:

Upright Row

Choose free weights that are not too heavy (I used 10 pounders)

Feet shoulder-width apart
Arms straight and hold weights steadily down

Slowly raise the dumb bells towards your shoulders, elbows bending to the sides
(You can pause a bit at the top if you like)

Lower back to the starting position

3-4 sets of 10-16 reps each should be sufficient

Remember to keep your back straight and don't exert yourself.
Have fun with this one guys!!


  1. I'm such a goof. I totally didn't know you were preggers. Congratulations!!!! Love this post. Hopefully I'll be able to be posting about the same thing... very soon!! ;)

    And yes... those purple heels are killer. Want them!

  2. hahaha most people laze around for 9 months but you're pumping iron???

    I've tried this exercise before and can vouch for its effectiveness!

  3. you look fab with your little bump! such a great post - my big fear when i'm having a baby is not being able to excercise.

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  4. Nice post, thanks for sharing with us

  5. You are great! So important what u do! So good to follow u!
    Have a great weekend!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing Tris, I trust it is going well with the pregnancy!!

    Thanks also for your comment on my last post, and I hope your weekend will be great.

  7. Hi! New to your blog and it's so lovely I've got to follow!

    xx Vivian @

  8. Wow you are one amazing lady ^_^. I was so lazy when I was pregnant hehe. Good thing I only got sick during the first trimester, on the 2nd trimester my nausea is gone already hehe. ^_^

  9. Great blog!

  10. It' s very important to exercise this period! Well done!

  11. Good on you for maintaining your fitness during your pregnancy! I should be ashamed of myself - I've become so lazy! :(


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