Thursday, August 19, 2010


In desperation, I may go to great length to slim down.  If getting a pre-pregnancy body is a far-fetched idea for now, I have started with my face.

Last time at the Asian market, I ran into this funny contraption:

It's a "Face Slimming Roller Massager", with the claim to smooth and slim your face.  It even has a detachable neck roller to rid of double chin.  

With high hopes, I dropped the 20 bucks it charged and took one home.

Does it work? Not sure yet.  But an object this peculiar MUST be shared.  Meanwhile, I will try to use it for the recommended 10 minutes per day.  But as soon as I am able to work out again, I'll be slimming down the right way.


  1. That's a very interesting device. In my 20s I still have baby fat :). It took me many years to accept this fact, but I'm learning to live with it. please keep us informed about the result.

  2. Interesting tool, pls let us know if it works...

    Have a stunning weekend.


  3. Wow what an interesting device lol Yes, please let us know if it works for you! I know there are a lot of Asian products that massage fatty areas to promote fat breakage so that it's easier for your body to burn but no one I know ever did stuff like that religiously so I don't know how well it works lol

  4. Interesting! I am curious to know the results too. I would never thought of something like that in my life :)

  5. Hello Girlie :) I'll have to let you know that I bought one of these :) not the exact same one but it's a face sliming massage, it's been nearly a year now since I bought it and I must admit for the first 2 month I massaged my face every day but didn't see much difference but after that it kinda just left at the corner.

    But keep us informed would love to know if it worked out for you :)

  6. Weird! I don't know how effective it would be at slimming down your face, but facial massage is an old technique for relaxing tense facial muscles and preventing frown lines and wrinkles from forming. If this contraption doesn't slim your face, let's hope it has other benefits. :-)

  7. he he such a funny post!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  8. do let us know if it works! My face is huge now and I would love to try anything that isn't painful and is easy to use!!

  9. Interesting! I can't wait to hear if it works!


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