Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Portland for a Weekend (Fashion Blog Post. I think?)

Portland is smaller than Seattle.

But it's lovely still.

And like Seattle, it's very Pacific Northwest -- as in full of personality. People in Portland pride themselves on being quirky: they wear birds in their hair; they rip up stockings on purpose; they walk around in Star Wars costume in public; and they serve jalapenos in cosmos.

I mistook the jalapenos for strawberries. My tongue is still swollen.


Why did I visit Portland?

To see college friends. They've been to Seattle multiple times. This weekend was my turn.

Most friends don't keep in touch for this long. I'm lucky to have two who did.

Old friends keep us grounded, no matter how girlie our blogs become.


Apparently, there are two main sub-cultures in Portland: hipsters and makers.

I had no idea.

I'm probably explaining it wrong, but hipsters have a bad rap. Supposedly, they talk fast and they talk a lot -- mostly a whole lot of intellectual talk about nothing. But hey, it makes them look smart and, of course, hip.

They wear hip clothes: skinny jeans, tight tops, thick-rimmed glasses and newsboy cap. If not, then an equally stylish and expensive outfit.

They write in Helvetica. It's the font of God. They read The New Yorker, because every article sparks an intellectual conversation.

I don't know anything about that.

Hipsters are harmless. Most of them are grown-up nerds with new money. And when they drop the whole intellectual front, they are actually sweet, personable individuals.

If I were single, I wouldn't exclude the idea of dating a hipster. 

But I prefer "makers."

I married one. He makes things.

Free poems - a very hispter thing to do.

Neighborhoods in Portland

One weekend doesn't make me an expert, but I saw a few cool neighborhoods.

Again, Portland is alike Seattle, with quirky, niche-y neighborhoods that boast trendy restaurants and one-of-a-kind stores.

Friday night, we went to the Pearl District, where all the 20-somethings get their drinks on. Regrettably, I'm an overworked, 35-year-old mom, who fell asleep after half a drink.

Apparently one drink is all I can handle.

On Saturday, we drove to the Alphabet District for brunch at Papa Haydyn, which, according to my girlfriends, serves Portland's best desserts. But none of us left room for dessert after a splendid meal. What a shame! 

My salmon apple salad was delicious.

The Alphabet District is a walkable neighborhood, with fantastic coffee and shopping. After lunch, we browsed the local shops, including 3 Monkeys, a thrift store with jacked-up prices, a Salt and Chocolate store, and a pop-up shop.

By the way, Pop-up shops are retail spaces that rent to local businesses for testing. They set up shop for two months, see if a concept works, and if not, they stop. A genius idea if you ask me. 


Did you know salt block cooking is THE-THING? I had no clue.

This was a fun store. It sold skincare and makeup.

We ended the day at Hawthorne District, a chill but still walkable neighborhood a lot like Seattle's Ballard. We had a drink at a bar, went thrift-shopping, had another drink at another bar, then went thrift-shopping again.

Portland has a lot of bars and Thrift stores. 

Animal prints are still in.

But maybe not all over.

I'll do an owl wallet though. So cute.

It was sad ending a fun-filled, kid-less weekend, but I must come home.


I liked Portland, but I LOVE Seattle.


Have you visited Portland? I recommend you do.



  1. hi! Haven't seen you in a while. Just wanted to say my sorrows for the jalapenos identity mishap. Once in Las Vegas we were at a buffet and I mistook washbi for guacamole. Oh ya, my napkin could not get that off my tongue fast enough!!! I love Portland and Seattle. Thanks for sharing the crazy catwoman dress. lol

  2. Oh wowie, looks like such a relaxing and fun place to stop by for the weekend! I'd love to go from shop to shop to get drinks and light food! I love that shop, I would love to go looking through them for bits of soaps, candles and make up!

  3. I haven't visited Portland or the USA for that matter. Hopefully I will some day and lots of other places. Travelling is so much fun, it makes you see things in a new light.
    Great post! lovely outfits:) I always like this combo of skinny jeans, high boots and a blazer, very chic.

  4. I've never been there but would love but it is very lovely and seems you had a nice time with your friends. You look so pretty in the photos, I like your blazer, booties and bag. Have a good day, kisses! xo

  5. What can I say, your posts on trips are always so fun and interesting, I really love them. And I usually hate trip posts....
    The pop up shops sound awesome, brilliant idea!
    One drink is okay, if it's a mix of different alcohols :-D Either way you can "train" your liver to whitstand alchohol, all you have to do is devour one beer per day :-D

    And what the hell are salt blocks? How do you cook with these? O_O

  6. i could use a cocktail right now. so pretty! that pink, brown and blue look AWESOME together!!! I've got to try that. you look amazing.

  7. really lovely outfit girl:)
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  8. This looks like a fun filled time!! I have never been to Seattle or Portland!! Hopefully one day. And high five from one 35 year old mom to another!!!

  9. This is such a lovely post! I like the look so much, the clothes looks very comfy. Excited for your next post!

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  11. love your post honey~
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  12. Looks like you had an awesome weekend. I've been to Portland before and I liked it too. You look great. Happy Friday!

  13. Hey! lovely blog! :)

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  14. Portland is always fun. Besides massive thrift stores and bars, they also have a lot of strip clubs. I took a trip there in May, and I kid you not, we hit one area that had 3 strip clubs within a one mile strip.

  15. great post! Portland looks like such a charming place, would love to go there one day!


  16. I have never been to Portland but hopefully I will be visiting it next year. Looks like a great place to visit.


  17. Your so pretty I love your style. I've followed you on GFC :) xxx


  18. Cute boots!


  19. You're so beautiful and stylish and Portland seems amazing! Wish you luck moving to your new place!



  20. This was a really fun post, especially the strawberry-jalapeno story made me laugh! I love those but when you expect strawberries in a cocktail... well. Did not know about salt-block cooking either although I am a food-program-watch-addict! Have to google this asap. Thanks for sharing and I actually might visit Portland somewhen in the future :)

  21. i went to portland once and had such an incredible time! I met a lot of hipsters who started up trendy little food trucks downtown. It was so fun!


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