Monday, December 30, 2013

Loners aren't losers. Get it right. (Fashion Blog Post)

See the beautiful house behind me?

It's not ours.

I was only standing there for good lighting. Our new place is a much less expensive and much more modest home in a nearby neighborhood. Regardless, we're in the suburb now. 

Suburb? NEVER!!!!!!!!

If you asked me to live in the suburb five years ago, I would have said, "over my dead body!" Suburbs are boring. They're for loners. Yet here I am, 35 and seeking the type of solitude only a suburban lifestyle could offer.

I wanted to move out of the city -- and not for a bigger backyard either. According to the developers we talked to, city ordinance of our new town requires lots to be much smaller due to the population pressure from nearby townships. I love how Seattle is growing and thriving!

We've been here for a few weeks now. I like our miniature backyard. I like the loner lifestyle.

But loners are losers!

No they are not. Nor are they anti-social, depressed or psychotic. Going against the grain of modern interpretation of happiness -- a group of well-dressed friends laughing and conversing at some posh bar -- loners are perfectly normal human beings who simply wish to unplug from the world.

In fact, being a loner is healthy.

According to Psychology Today, you should spend time alone, especially with today's never-ending texts, emails, social media -- and therefore social pressure -- keeping you "on" all the time. A little solitude does a lot of good -- by rebooting the brain, increasing concentration, performing self-assessment, solving problems more efficiently, and enhancing the quality of existing relationships. (Source: 6 Reasons You Should Spend Time Alone)

Of course complete seclusion produces an out-of-touch, self-absorbed individual. I guess they're more like "extreme loners." Or weirdos. A normal loner isn't completely alone. Instead, he or she prefers hobbies over social events, deep conversation over meaningless chatter, and few real friends over a pack of mediocre ones.

And if you're a proud loner like me...

You'll find yourself socializing once in a while still, and going in the city too.

Don't expect me to hang around forever, but do expect quality time. 

And is today's outfit a loner's uniform?

Yes it is. It's gray; it's boring; it's loner indeed.

But hey, it's okay. 


I like being a loner, and I like dressing the part.

How about you? Are you a loner too?


  1. I prefer being home alone with a good tv show and bag of potato chips, then outings with boring people, any day! :D I think to be able to love your own company and to be able to live alone, without going crazy, is just as important as socializing. My sister is so used to being around people, she starts crying when she's alone for more than 3 days. And a friend of mine spends her time with people almost every day, every hour. I don't think how this is any more "healthier" than just being by yourself...

  2. Whoops, forgot to say, you look so pretty! ^_^

  3. As an introvert, I think it's healthy to have time to yourself! It doesn't necessarily mean that you're antisocial, etc. Sometimes, that "alone" time is necessary for mental clarity and balance. Love your outfit, too!

  4. I have recently found you blog and I'm glad that I did. I'm your newest follower and really look forward to more posts from you. If you like, please check out my blog as well at xxx

  5. Beautiful honey! Love your jeans and your boots!

    U look so great,



  6. I would say that I've definitely become a homebody now that I've turned 30. :) And I agree, it's not a bad thing! We do need more space and it enables us to be more creative at home. ♥

    ♥, Jo |
    Fashion | Travel | Lifestyle

  7. Like you, I've definitely become more of a homebody now that I've turned 30! We do need more space at home and it definitely enables us to be more creative and productive with our time. :) I love that you moved to the suburb! Can't wait for my turn ♥

    ♥, Jo |
    Fashion | Travel | Lifestyle

  8. Cute look, those boots are so cute. I'm definitely spending more time at home these days. Loved this post- loners are definitely not losers! :)

  9. I think it feels nice at some point to be happy with your own company and not to depend your happiness on others ;)
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog :) Hope 2014 will be an amazing year!

  10. You look great honey! Kori xoxo

  11. This is so well written and I like that you were so honest about suburb living too. I know I'll live there one day too, actually I already do in EU hehe. Anyway, I think you're so right it's good to be alone and have some private time sometimes - especially with constant tech everywhere. Love this look, from head to toe. Happy New Year Girlie :)


  12. nice look,simple but chic
    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
    May it filled with joy, love and peace

  13. I loved living in the city, everything is close, and open all hours, friends are always around the corner and not actually needing a car, but when we had kids we moved into the country a little, and its so much nicer! I miss the city sometimes and we head back but its so crazy, I would never choose to live there now!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  14. Such an honest written post and your outfit is simple but very stylish.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful year of 2014

  15. pretty outfit! look goods on you. i love to have house and also close almost everything, like school, hospital,work. but were happy in southern area. happy new year.


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