Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jewelry Making - Fun with the Preschooler (Fashion Blog Post)

Bored with a preschool-aged girl?

One cure is doing crafts--and specifically making jewelry. If you have a little girlie girl, she'll most likely adore making her own necklaces and bracelets. It's easy to do, doesn't require a ton of money, and supplies are sold everywhere. Head to Michael's, or any local craft store, you'll find a jewelry-making section with assortments of beads, wires, tools and other shiny objects.

I started with our daughter Jo when she was three and tell you what, it's one of the funnest projects we do. Not only is the kid being entertained--and we all know how hard that is with young ones--she learns from the experience as well.

She's practicing her motor skills.

She's experimenting with symmetry; she's experiencing design; she's identifying shapes; she's color coordinating...

She's a maker-in-the-making :O)

Yeah. We like making jewelry, and we like beads.

We wear them afterward too.

A fulfilling activity indeed!

Today's Fashion Blog Post is sponsored by TooCuteBeads.com, premier online bead supplier since 1998.

And I'd like to share their 14K Rose Gold Filled Seamless Round Stardust Beads. (10MM with 2MM hole.) On sale now for $10.94 for two packs.

I like rose gold beads because their rose-tinted color is both pleasing to the eye and unique.

Now, in addition to craft stores, the preschooler and I have a new place to get our beads.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. i used to do this with my daughter, too! id buy bead packs, and the gold balls were always popular!

  2. Jewelry making teaches so many things. Good for her! Good for you! Excellent hobby to learn.

  3. Who doesn't like beads!!! :D Love the first bracelets!


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