Wednesday, August 26, 2015

7 Fur Vests That Will Suit Every Wardrobe (Fashion Blog Post)

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Fur can be a beautiful addition to anyone's closet, but what if you aren't sure which vests are the most in-style for 2015? Or what if you've never purchased a fur vest before and are looking for a guide to the best of the best? Here are just seven fur vests that you're sure to love.

1. Chinchilla Horizontal Fur Vest

Nothing says luxury like chinchilla fur, especially when it comes with high buttons and an upturned collar. Wear it to a fancy dinner party; show it off at the opera; let it speak to your wealth during fundraisers or corporate events.

2. Reversible to Leather Mahogany Mink Fur Vest

Sometimes you feel like flaunting your fur. Sometimes you don't. With this reversible vest, you don't have to choose! Simply turn it to either side for brown leather or furry mink.


3. Nafa Ranch Mink Fur Vest

Black is classic for a reason. This vest can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and it will also go with just about everything you have in your closet, so you don't have to worry about matching!


4. Hooded Sable Plate Fur Vest

Perfect for days when the weather just can't be predicted, this hooded vest will keep you warm and cool. Not only is it a stylish accessory for any fashionista, but it's also a versatile one.


5. Purple Rex Rabbit and Fox Fur Vest

If you're looking for something a little different, try this vest! The rabbit and fox fur has been dyed purple to add a splash of personality to your outfit, but it's still all-natural and extremely luxurious.


6. Natural American Lynx Fur Vest

An eye-popping addition to any wardrobe, the Natural American Lynx Fur Vest comes with multiple colors and patterns that will catch the light in dozens of different ways. You'll definitely stop traffic when you walk down the street in this creation.


7. Red Patchwork Fox Fur Vest

Like the name implies, this vest has a patchwork fur design. What the name doesn't tell you is that it's also an amazing sight and one that's sure to attract compliments!

If you're looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe, these are just seven fur vests that are worth the expense. Check out sites like ML Furs ( to learn more.

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