Monday, January 25, 2016


Rainy Seattle winters have benefits.

Temperature, for example, remains mildly chilly, but never frigid. After adapting to the gloominess, you realize that, with one extra cup of coffee each day, "that Seattle-Winter" is not-so-bad.

Seattle is surrounded by mountains.

And sits in the way of the Pacific's "moisture system" that evaporates ocean water into clouds that can't get over the mountains, and amass a density that turns into constant rain.

The clouds, however, also insulate the city. :O)

The closer to the water, the warmer the temperature.  

For example, the Northeastern outskirts, where our family lives now, can be 10 degrees colder than Downtown, which sits against the Pudget Sound.

"That Seattle-Winter" permits layering for style.

Not that other parts of the world can't layer, but our winters last from September to June, offering extensive time to master this layering-thing.

And because Seattle girls are known for being fast-paced and outdoorsy...

we layer in easy steps and practical pieces that anyone can do.


Step 1

Start with the basics.

We recommend a monotone dress-shirt in black-and-white stripes.

Step 2

Add color. 

A pair of maroon tights should suffice.

Step 3

Bulk it up.

Dimension and texture are always nice. Today, we used a knitted scarf.

Step 4

Add layer.

When in doubt, wear denim. It sharpens almost everything.

Step 5


And try flats and a bag in seductive, neutral tones. 


Thank you for visiting!

Hope you enjoyed today's simple layering.

See you next time. 

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  1. This is so cute! Love the pops of red - perfect for gloomy PNW days :) I'm also a Seattle blogger - and I am all about that second cup of coffee a day!


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