Sunday, November 2, 2008


On Halloween, I hosted a small pre-party and had some friends over. Of course, the girls bonded over make up and dress up. One of the guests, a work friend, I see everyday. But until I did her make up, I never realized how mesmerizing her big, brown eyes were. For me, a girlie girl who LOVES make overs and such, HAD to play up those beautiful eyes!

One way to perform the task of playing up brown eyes is choosing a contrasting shade. Because her skin color was also dark, an earth toned shadow would be too competitive of a color. So our options were a light shimmery lilac for the brow bone, and a dark shade of violet for the lids and just a tiny sliver on the crease.

Plus extending her lashes with a few rounds of the blackest mascara and POP her eyes became!

Although any color that's purple, violet, lilac or such appear intimidating and adventurous, they do contrast brown eyes the best. When done correctly, these colors are as pretty as they sound.

I hope my friend will someday do her own share of playing up her beautiful brown eyes, however lovely she may already be.

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