Saturday, November 1, 2008


Long tops are everywhere, and they are not going anywhere soon. From flowing flower blouses to subtle-colored knits, they have invaded our closets with a bang of staying power. However, any Girlie Girl knows that no outfit is complete without the most complimentary accessories. And the best accessory for those fashionable long tops you have are belts, big ones!

Belts have come a long way from functional to fashionable. And these big, thick belts, paired with a long top, are not only eye catching but also accentuate the waist - a great combination of function and fashion in one single accessory.

At first they may be intimidating. It took me a while to try them on. But once I wore them I couldn't stop. And if you haven't yet, I highly recommend you take the chance to become just as attached to these fashionable big belts as I did.

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