Friday, December 26, 2008


Especially during the holidays, flying across the U.S to see family is unavoidable for hubby and I. After a few years, traveling light has become our forte. However light we prefer to travel, one thing that ALWAYS makes into my one backpack is moisturizer or lotion.

Up in the mile high, a commercial airplane cabin usually lacks moisture. Due to prevention of air frame corrosion, air that travels into the cabin through the engine usually goes through device called an Air Conditioning Pack that cools the air and also takes out its moisture. The dry air then circulates the cabin at 50% rate to enable efficiency. Basically, you get pretty dehydrated when you fly.

Besides asking for water, apply moisturizer and save your skin! Also, dabbing on lotion to your hands and elbows can prevent dryness too.

Flying is still a great way to travel, especially if you live far from the people you love. But you don't have to sacrafice your skin. All you need is one small minute and moisturize. And when you step off your flight, you can impress the people you haven't seen in a long time with how wonderful you look, just like how they always remembered.

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