Thursday, December 18, 2008


Victoria has a secret and I can't wait to find out. With their semi annual, nation wide sale coming soon, I better get started.

Did you know that Victoria's Secret was started by a guy? And a smart guy he was, but really shy when he was getting his significant female other lingerie. With hopes to minimize other men's discomfort of buying lingerie for their girlfriends or wives in department stores, he opened the first Victoria's Secret store, a much more personal shopping environment for intimates with helpful staff and special-made products.

With his genius concept of a personalized lingerie store (I know, it's a girlie girl's dream, oddly dreamed up by some dude), he popularized the brand by mail orders and sold his expanding business to the Limited only 5 years later.

Now, just about every woman in the United States has Victoria's Secret somewhere in their closet. The company is known for its genius engineering in female intimates, luxurious beauty products, and the most glamorous models and runway shows we have ever witnessed.

In fact, the newest Victoria's Secret fashion show was just on TV last night, and I nearly dropped my jaws seeing the goddess-like models strut on the run way.

Alright, I may never find out Victoria's Secret. In fact, Victoria probably doesn't have a secret. But it sure makes a great name for a lingerie store. I do think it's sweet that this guy, the inventor of the original Victoria's Secret store, turned his love and thoughtfulness for the girl he loved into the perfect business concept.

See? Do what you love and the money will come. For him, it all started with love. Perhaps that is the best secret of all.

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