Sunday, February 22, 2009


No one is perfect. No one is invincible. We are all born with a one way ticket. Some of us, unfortunately, have a shorter journey. But only the most talented of us make a long-lived impression.

The late Heath Ledger, our February Hunk Alert, impressed us with his theatrical talent in many movie roles. But his portrayal of pure evil as the Joker in Batman, the Dark Knight, is so unsurpassed that it was predicted an Oscar long before the nominees were announced.

Even if Heath was still alive, the Oscar belonged to him. But since he tragically passed, his receiving the award is more bitter sweet. Especially when his parents and sister accepted it for him, dedicating the Oscar to his daughter, Matilda.

We will always love Heath Ledger as the sly bad boy in 10 Things I hate About You, or even as the rough neck cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. But we will always remember him as the eerie joker in Dark Knight, who toyed repeatedly with death.


  1. It's great he did such a good job, but did it cost him his life? I read that he got so into his part, that he couldn't stop thinking about being joker and that led to sleep problems. That's freaky.

  2. That's news to me. But I wouldn't be surprised. It's too bad that it cost him his life, but I must say that as the joker, he was a performing arts master piece!


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