Thursday, February 26, 2009


The best thing for a virgin is to give a kick and a kink. Today hubby and I had a fresh pineapple for desert. Sweet, juicy and tropical, it's the healthiest desert we have had yet!

We poured the left over juice into a wine glass and then added some club soda. Yup! Good, old Canadian Dry club soda. It was a very delicious way to enjoy the fruity goodness of a pineapple, plus bubblies.

Then I thought: what about other juices? Orange? Mango? Peaches and berries? By adding a little club soda to your regular juice of choice gives them a fresh bubbly taste that equates a soda, except much healthier.

Virgin or not, there are always little creative ways to spice up every single pleasure in your life. A virgin spritzer? It's as good as sex!

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