Sunday, May 23, 2010


Some stuff are so cool they can be used many different ways.  Olive Oil is definitely one of them.  

I've been a long time fan of using olive oil in the kitchen, but a few years back, instead of investing in expensive makeup removers, I started using olive oil to remove my eye makeup.  The results were so good that I stuck with this natural and wallet-friendly habit ever since.

 Here is what I normally start with, quite a bit of makeup on the eye:

Add a few drops of olive oil onto the napkin ....

And after a couple of swipes off of the eye .... Gone!!  Heavy makeup is off!!

Leaving my eye bare, fresh and clean

A great, natural and inexpensive way to take off makeup.


  1. Oh wow... I never know that! Thanks for the review =) xx

  2. I just learned something new, only problem, here olive oil is more than likely more expensive than the make up remover. However, I will tell my wife about it. It can only be good for your skin.

    Thanks for letting us have a look at all the lovely moms, my vote will go to Cindy, she is, after all these years, still the picture of pure beauty.

    Hope your week will be fabulous.


  3. I currently use jojoba oil as an eye make-up remover. I will have to give olive oil a try as well! :) I agree that natural oils make wonderful eye make-up removers.

  4. Wow..thanks for the tips! I would never knew olive oild can remove make-up

  5. Wow..Thanks for the tips! I would never knew

  6. Wow it sure looks effective! What about waterproof mascaras? Also, does it make your eyelids more oily after awhile?

  7. I love using this too! Great blog doll! xoxo

  8. Wow, it really works! So easy and natural, that's always a good thing. :)

  9. Ha! That's interesting... I use baby oil so I guess it's just as greasy. I guess I can use olive oil if I run out!


  10. I've heard this can be used as eye makeup remover before too..I always get so scared of having oily lids if I use an all-oil-based product on my eyes since I have very oily skin in general..I think one day, I'm gonna have to grow a pair and try this out on myself..

    Thanks for the eye pics..they totally comforted me :)

  11. It is a good method, but not for sensitive skin... I did this and it broke me out and made me itch... :S
    Lovely blog :))
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    Can't wait to hear from you <3

  12. I I had no idea, this is a great tip, thank you, girl!!


  13. wow i never knew you could use it! i'm gonna give it a go as i have really sensitive skin x

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  14. Awesome tip! I have heard of ladies using olive oil, but worry about what happens if it gets into my eyes. Have you ever had irritation from the oil getting into your eyes?

  15. I sometimes use olive oil too.:D

    <3 the green shadow.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  16. I keep hearing this one but can't bring myself to try it. I really hate oilyness so I can't imagine having it all over my eyes.

  17. Wow, I never knew that. I wish I had of known that last week. My children had a play and the green make up was really hard to remove! Still good to know though. :-)


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