Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hi girlies, how are your weekends going? 

I see a lot of snow over the blog-o-sphere. Has the white monster hit the best of us?

In anticipating snow today, sleet came down and drenched the entire neighborhood. I was just bouncing (from excitement) out the door, to the mall, and had to retreat back home.

No worries though. We still ate yummy Thai food and had a cozy movie night in. 

Though quiet and cold, this weekend in Seattle was still as lovely as can be.

A sheet of sleet shooting to the ground

Savory cabbage soup warmed us up

Curry chicken over rice

Garlic tofu for the kiddo

Hubby's beef noodle soup

Enjoyed Chai green tea by the fire place

Have you tried these? They are super yum.

What do you usually do on a snow day?



  1. Thai food and tea! Perfect for a sleety day!

  2. I usually stay indoors and catch up on Vamprie Diaries. I just have to say I really want to visit the USA sometime, including Seattle!! Also is Chai Tea an aquired taste?

    Katie xoxo

  3. I love thai food, this all looks so delicious, I'm hungry now!

    If it's a proper snowy day, with snow covering the ground, I like to go for a walk . When my fiancee and I were living in England we used to walk in an area of the countryside with a famous gastro pub there. We'd stop off to warm up and have lunch. It was so cozy!

    But if it's sleet I prefer to stay inside, just wet and yuck then!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  4. It never snows in my city, but in a rainy day I like to stay home or go to the cinema. Excuse me for my english :-)have a nice weekend. kisses :-)
    Fairy and Lady
    Facebook Fairy and Lady

  5. Cool post =]! I wish we had snow in The Netherlands, but I think we have to wait =o!

    The Thai food looks delicious by the way ^^. Omg I'm hungry now! Hmm and jealous because you drink Chai Tea ^^. Always when I'm at starbucks I order Chai Tea so I know how delicious Chai Tea is <3333!

    Normally when I have a snowy day, I want to go outside ^^. But that's only when there's lots of snow =P.

    Anyways I'm going to follow you =D! Would you like to follow me back <3??

    xxx Katy ^^!

  6. Thanks for following, I'm a new follower, too! Hmm, this looks so yummy! xx Vivi

  7. we've got a bit of frost today and its very cold! Usually snuggle up with hot chocolate and films x

  8. no snow yet, just freezing cold temps and wicked winds :(. Stay Warm xo

  9. oh i'm just drooling over your chai green tea! i wish they had those anywhere in switzerland since i'm in love with everything chai and green.

    if you’re interested – i’m hosting a pretty rad giveaway.
    xx //

  10. Food so delicious and i like tea in winter...same here, isn't fun outside and isn't fun to drive during slippery you'l be careful. :-)

  11. It doesnt snow here in florida! BUT if it did, I would probably stay in because I hate cold, lol. The food looks amazing though!

  12. it doesn't snow in where i live but it rains like a bitch in Dec! so when that happens, hot pot, steamboat and hot chocolate please! ;)

  13. mmmm this all looks so yummy! very jealous x

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  14. Yum looks like a good meal! It's actually not snowing in NYC (pretty strange!) but I expect it will very soon! I love to stay inside and sip hot cocoa on snowy days. I definitely only go outside if I have to! Hehe

    xox Lara of

  15. nice blog and the dishes look totally yum I really want to try all these but in India people don't eat such dishes eagerly waiting to try one... :) i've liked your blog and so I have joined..hope you will like mine too and join :) take care :)

  16. We don't have any snow here in England. But your pics are making me so hungry! :)

  17. Coffee in the morning, a nice Earl Grey later in the day and sometimes an after dinner little liqueur really warms you up!

    Art by Karena

  18. omg that food looks delicious! Thanks now I am super hungry and want asian food :)

    Haha no jk are you from Seattle?




  19. SoCal's having a bad drought year so far. My ski bum hubby is praying for snow
    I think if we had a snow day, I'd make soup and we'd watch a billion movies inside, by the fire. :)
    All the Thai food looks yummy!

    xx Vivian @

  20. ohhh i love snow days! :-) it looks like you guys had fun! unfortunately there's been no snow here since october.... but i'm hoping the white stuff makes a fierce comeback! have a great weekend. ;-) tara

  21. That food looks yummy!

    Hm snow days here are rough, feet and feet. I usually stay inside, sip some hot chocolate, pamper myself by going in my hot tub, painting my nails.. etc. I basically have a "me" lazy day.



  22. Great post!
    I love tea <333


  23. Love green tea but I'm always switching brands trying to find the "best" one I'll have to grab this one next time I'm at the store!

  24. NOM! all that food looks delish ~ especially that curry dish :D :D

    I love snow ~ we dont get a lot here in the UK but when it is snowy i just curl up in bed with a DVD or with my boyfriend go outside and chilll out :P haha

  25. You take the most beautiful food shots. Have you thought of doing it professionally? Don't ask me where or how, I'm just saying the photos are very professional.

    My mouth waters every time you do one of your food posts. lol.

  26. yummy looking food :)
    we like to build snowmen and drink hot cocoa...mmmmm...

  27. i eat. A LOT :D
    omg the photos.. it looks so yummy!

  28. That's so cool that you have snow! If I had snow, I'd go out and make a snowman. :D

  29. Mmmm the food looks so amazing! Especially the Beef Noodle Soup!

    I've never experienced a snow day, but on a cold day I would stay under the covers for a while and maybe bake some cookies!

    I enjoy your entries! Looking forward to the next one!


  30. Love chai tea! Use to make it all the time when I worked as a barista at a local coffee shop. The food looks yummy!

  31. chai tea is awesome! One of my fav teas. Korean food is also stellar for cold, snowy days. The spiciness perks you right up!

  32. I just saw that they had green tea chi!! OMG I have to try them! I've been getting the black tea Stash brand and LOVE them!! You should check out my Latte mix. I think you would like it!!

    Dinner looked amazing!
    Hope your having a beautiful day!! Just stopping by to get updated and check out your sponsors and adds <3

  33. My Chai Latte Mix-

  34. haha, still no snow here! but it was windy and chilly with a bit of rain.

    your food seriously looks so delicious...especially that soup, and curry, and tofu, and tea. must try the green tea chai!

    stay warm!


  35. Lovely post!
    I usually drink hot chocolate, stay in and blog.

    Shall we follow each other?


  36. food looks great!

  37. Drink tea and blog :)
    We should follow each other!

  38. MMMM Thai food!!! I looove Thai!!! Spicy basil chicken is what I usually go for.

  39. Chai green tea? Wow that's interesting! I've recently tried a "chocolatey Chai" tea, which is quite good actually. Love trying out new things :D Have a great day!

  40. we spent all weekend in the MT Baker area...trying out restaurants :)
    Still waiting on the major snow storm in seattle...hoping for it tomorrow morning so I can't go to work LOL

  41. Yum! Love your blog! :)

  42. Wow! Chai green tea? I need some of that! I love tea!!!


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