Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun with the Girls (Life in Seattle)

Since weekends are usually slow for beauty and fashion blogs, I don't feel so guilty posting boring bits of my day. 

I'm a stay-at-home mom to a 3-year old and a 10-months old, by the way. My days are not that exciting :O)

1. Stringing Presents for Guests

Our family from N.J will be in town tomorrow. We decided to make them something special.

(Should've cleaned instead. Oops.)

This is for Jo's big cousin. It's her first visit to Seattle.

Grandma M will be happy to see this.

All done. Pretty cute, huh?

2. Window Shopping for Fall

Not sure which fall style to invest in? Try checking out trends that are hanging up, before putting money down.

3. Creating Clean Meals

This egg-wrapped turkey and asparagus sandwich is completely clean, and tasted delicious too. 

Hey, the toddler liked it. That's something, right?

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Your guests are going to love those presents! So colorful and pretty :D I don't blame you for window shopping and looking things over. I don't get to the mall often, but I definitely keep track with things online. I pin what I think I want and then mull it over or until there is a sale. You are so good at eating clean. I need to do the same. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. The egg wrapped turkey looks yummy!
    Debbie :)

  3. The present idea is beautiful! So cute!!!
    Also lovin' ur first fall find...that sweater is a must :D

  4. Hi Triston, these necklaces are so cute! My son made something like that for me when he was younger too. Btw, I tagged you today. Hopefully, you will have time to do the post. Have a great weekend!

    xo Jo

  5. Ooh the egg and turkey wrap looks delicious!!! ;)

    xo - Sheila

  6. i like those little presents! your egg wrap looks delish! never thought to just to a wrap with the egg!

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