Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Recommend - Oblivion

Finally! A Tom Cruise movie that doesn't make me vomit.

Oblivion was pretty good. Excellent even. If only Tom Cruise wasn't in it. (Sorry. It's not Tom Cruise, it's the roles he picks. He needs to give up the action hero thing. And stop taking off his shirt!)

Anyway, of all the crap out there, Oblivion was an entertaining choice. I approve.


Basic Synopsis

Year is 2077. Jack Harper (Cruise) and his assigned partner Victoria are the only ones left on earth. Everyone else lives on Saturn's moon.

Jack's job is fixing drones. Drones kill alien invaders. They're the reason why all of humanity live in space.

They invaded us; we nuked them; and Planet Earth went to oblivion.

Jack is sexually intimate with Victoria (go figure!) but dreams of a hot chick named Julia. Then one day, Julia shot down from the sky. Literally, she shot down, as her spaceship crashed.

While the rest of her crew got shot up by the drones -- and by now you should realize that the drones aren't exactly as human-friendly as they should be -- Julia was saved by Jack. (This kind of luck only happens to hot chicks in movies, by the way.)

Are all NASA girls this genetically-blessed?

Victoria doesn't like Julia at all. And I don't blame her. Julia is soooooooooooooooo hot!

Julia, in a perfectly form-fitting NASA space suit (of course she's an astronaut too) looking ravishingly hot, demands that Jack take her back to the crash site.

No. Bad idea. Dangerous. No.

But you're hot.

Okay. I take you.

And predictably, all hell breaks loose as the Scavs capture them at the crash site. 

Truth, then, unfolds.

Wait! The hot chick is his W-H-O?

And Saturn's Moon is...H-U-H?

And the drones are programmed to shoot W-H-A-T?

The movie has twists.

It definitely became exciting in the latter half. But don't expect the same shock factor of say...The Sixth Sense, or the same quality as The Shawshank Redemption. (Not even with Morgan Freeman.)

After the initial twist, plot becomes predictable.

Still though, Oblivion was an entertaining two hours. 

Good premise. Good enough acting. Plus the hot chick. 4/5 stars!

Hope you get a chance to check it out.



  1. Ooh this is really great! I always like reading your blog :)


  2. Thanks for the advice. I wasn't sure about Oblivion. Also, thank you for your kind comment.


  3. just saw it yesterday and I also enjoyed it a lot!
    wish you a fantastic week!

  4. I was playing this movie on the plane, but I fell asleep only after 10 minutes:)) I will have to see it again

  5. I was wondering about Oblivion. I'm like you. I've been so disappointed with Tom Cruise in his movies lately. This was good to hear.

  6. Great review. I think I'll have to go see this. M xx


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