Saturday, October 5, 2013

Why exfoliate skin? (Skincare Blog Post)

Let's be honest.

You're terrified of aging. You're terrified of wrinkles, crow's feet, discoloration, and sagging skin, but unfortunately, all of them creep in closer as you celebrate (yet another) birthday. The only way to prevent aging -- and deep down you know this -- is proper skin care.

And proper skin care includes consistent exfoliation.

Not OVER exfoliation, but quality, consistent exfoliation that rids dead skin cells, and brings a gorgeous glow.

Rolling your eyes yet?

I know you've heard of exfoliation many times, but believe it or not, a lot of women forget to do it. I, for one, haven't been exfoliating for the past few months, and am seeing terrible side effects: ashy skin, visible pores and overall dullness.

Motherhood is rough.

Consider this a (gentle) reminder.

Or navigate away, because you're annoyed. Doesn't matter. Today, I preach exfoliation - and doing it for the following reasons:

1. Exfoliation wipes away dead skin cells.

Skin cells retire and regenerate all the time. It's an ongoing cycle. The dead skin cells, then, build up. If they fall away into air, they become dust. But if they stay on your face and body, they make you look dusty and ashy.

No good.

Gentle exfoliation wipes away dead skin cells, like dusting furniture, and makes your skin shiny and new again.

2. Exfoliation unclogs pores.

There are a lot of dirty things in the atmosphere: pollution, smoke, dirt and oil, etc. They are called free radicals, and they clog pores. Over time, your pores will become bigger and more visible.

Exfoliating reaches far, and cleans deep into pores -- and clean pores are less obvious, and make skin smoother and younger-looking.

3. Exfoliation prevents acne.

Filthy, clogged pores also cause acne. Because exfoliation cleans deep into pores, acne will be less likely to attack.

Product Recommendations

I like Loreal Go 360 Clean for many reasons.

First, it's just a really good cleanser. After one wash, it cleared away some tough makeup (see pictures below). 



Also, I like the way it felt. Its tiny beads abraded gently against the surface, and left skin refreshed and polished.

The cleanser smelled pleasant too, like apricots. 

Lastly, I must praise the design. The bottle is easy to use, carry and store. But most of all, it came with a detachable scrub.

I've purchased this type of scrub before, but never found a place to store it. With Loreal 360 Go Clean, you don't have to worry about that. 

Another cleanser I've used -- and loved -- is the Clinique Exfoliating Scrub. The beads are grainier than Loreal 360 Go Clean's, but it washed away dirt and oil with a lot of power.

I also liked that it's fragrance-free.

Thank you for stopping by again.

Have a wonderful weekend!

And don't forget to exfoliate.

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  1. That's lovely review.. haven't tried it yet but i liked the scrubber a lot

  2. Wow what a creative design. I actually have never come across one with a scrub like that. I'm a real sucker for great design and convenience so if I saw this at the shops, I would definitely buy it!

  3. L'oreal rock!! :-)

    Nice blog btw!
    leave a comment<3

  4. I love exfoliants, although they don't do much for my skin.I love the fact that I can feel that something is happening to my skin :D

  5. A good and useful reminder. I never used to scrub before , but every since I started using mild ones evevry now and then, I did start noticing the difference.

  6. Great post, I swear by using an exfoliator! At the moment I'm using St Ives :) xx

  7. I agree with you! Exfoliation is extremely important! great blog post, very informative!


  8. Great review and info. I can't use a brush to exfoliate because of thin sensitive skin, so I use AHAs to do it chemically rather than manually.

  9. There was a period in my life where I would exfoliate every. single. day. Haha that might not have been the smartest, but I love me some apricot scrub!

  10. I remember when L'Oreal first came out with the 360 line, and alot of bloggers and vloggers were saying that it dried out your skin. I used the sensitive (blue) line, but since then I kept the scrubby and that helps with other cleansers.


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