Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pregnancy Transitional Top - After Pregnancy (Fashion Blog Post)

When I was pregnant...

I strongly recommended bypassing maternity tops, and buying regular ones that are a couple of sizes bigger. I call them "Transitional Tops," because they cover a pregnant belly, and last til' after pregnancy. Most women won't return to pre-pregnancy form right away, and need new clothes anyway. Getting transitional tops can save a lot of money.

The purple top below, seen in this Pregnancy Fashion Blog Post, was one of the transitional tops that, surprisingly, lasted up til' now. I like how it's long and stretchy, and looks great with a belly or without.



I understand you might not be interested in pregnancy matters yet.


But just in case you were curious, I hope this fashion blog post, and the idea of "transitional tops," helped you out.


Have a nice day.


  1. You look great! I love that top.

  2. looks lovely before and after =)

  3. Great post! I love reading about pregnancy posts even though I'm not pregnant.. yet! Eventually that will come up in the future. :)

    xo - Sheila

  4. Ohmygosh! I can't believe that's the same top!

  5. I didn't spend much on maternity wear either. You look great in purple. Hope you and your girls are doing well =)

  6. i was stubborn in my first pregnancy and didn't buy any maternity clothes. i invested in a pair of designer maternity jeans for my second which i absolutely loved...and i actually grew out of them, lol!!


  7. This is a GREAT idea!

    xo Jo


  8. you look gorgeous !!!


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