Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Make Life Delightfully Colorful With Monogrammed Gifts

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In the summer season, nature enhances our landscape with a generous sprinkling of color. You can mingle an abundance of summer hues into lace your life by adding colorful accessories to your wardrobe and your home. It seems that gift-giving occasions pop up frequently during the summer with graduations, weddings and baby showers being added to birthday celebrations, anniversaries and various other special days. Gifts that include a monogram have the added touch that makes them extra special for any and every gift-giving occasion. 

Places to go, stuff to carry

Whether you're the one planning a myriad of summer travel adventures or are buying a gift for someone who is always on the go, monogrammed bags can pretty much be considered a necessity rather than just an accessory. A monogrammed beach tote is ideal for a day a the beach, a weekend escape or for any of those getaway days that you can sneak into your schedule. Teenage girls, college bound young ladies and women of all ages tend to need a good size bag in which to carry all of the stuff they consider necessities.

Gift ideas

Handbags, purses, totes, beach bags, weekender bags and accessories bags are great gift ideas for teens, mature ladies and for women who are retiring from their job and eagerly anticipating the next exciting phase of their life. Young girls headed off to college will feel extra special with a monogrammed gift to take with them. With gift ideas to choose from that include personalized jewelry trays for their room, hair accessories and jewelry, you're sure to find the perfect gift for the special person you're celebrating.

Summer fun

Summer is the time to get out and have some fun. Personalized items such as drink Koozies and umbrellas make great companions to a personalized bag that you've packed with books, a blanket, sunscreen and numerous other items in. A summer picnic can be a fun family event or a way to enjoy a peaceful, romantic day or evening. A monogrammed picnic cooler set is a wonderfully unique anniversary or wedding gift. It's also a great spontaneous "just because" gift that can rekindle memories and start or restart a tradition.

Gifts that are colorful, fun and useful are excellent summertime gifts. Monogrammed gifts are wonderful any time of year and for any type of occasion.


  1. You're back! Welcome! I love monogrammed. I'm actually looking for monogrammed jewelry.

    xo Jo

  2. That pink carryall is soooo fabbbbulous! My fav' color!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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