Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Party Dress Up Ideas

This is a sponsored post.

Internet Marketing forums often host threads about the best items to sell online; and costumes have been one of their top choices.

Not surprising, because costumes are unique, fun, and unavailable at your local Target until October. I'm not in the costume niche but probably should be. Hmm, maybe in a few years. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy sifting through costumes at online retailers like today's sponsor, Smiffys.

About Smiffys

Since 1894, Smiffys has been one of the leading Halloween and Carnival costume manufacturers in the UK, focusing on excellence in customer service, products and design. This very mission conveys through its website's simple categorization--and therefore easy navigation--of a vast product line with funky and creative style.

Now that summer has officially arrived, this old "girlie" feels like socializing a bit, and a costume-night-out sounds like fun.

Maybe my donning neon wigs and go-go boots will give our suburban neighborhood's Microsoft- and Amazon-wives something to talk about. Just kidding. 

Alright. Here are some good choices from Smitty's:

1. Party Poncho

Never heard of party poncho before but what a cool idea! It's cute, stylish and different. Plus, its water-resistant material keeps you dry.

2. 90's Union Jack Dress

This dress reminds me of the Spice Girls--oh how the entire sorority idolized Posh Spice!--and makes me want to crank up Wannabe and dance all night.

3. Hawaiian Party Girl Dress

It would be a shame to end the summer without a Luau, or without wearing a pretty Hawaiian dress (like the one below) at least once.

4. Light Up Sword

Growing up, I wasn't all that girlie, and loved sword-fighting with boy cousins. (I have five.) Smittys also sells novelties and toys; and this light-up sword could bring sword-swinging fun to me and our little daughters, who are, surprisingly, tom-boyish too.

5. Second Skin Crash Dummy Costume

Forget neon wigs and go-go boots! If I wore this, um, thing around, I'd definitely be the talk of the neighborhood.

Thanks again for visiting The Girlie Blog!

Do pay Smittys a visit if you have time. The store has interesting products.

Hope your summer started off with fun and fashion.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. i love the flag dresses trend.... amazing post.


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