Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I always wondered why my aunt dropped 3 G's just for a Louis Vuitton clutch, when in her home town Shanghai, she could get a fake with the same design and label for much less. Then I brought home a fake Chloe bag, and I knew why.

It was in a bright color of cherry, with gold chained handles and double zippers. Most important, the "Chloe" logo flashed on the outside. The bag lit up any outfit and I loved it, until it broke. A small tear on the seams inside turned into an unsightly hole messing up everything it carried. I did keep it for a few more months, just because of the logo, but it was no longer a Chloe to me. It was just...a cheap bag.

Then I realized fake handbags are just like fake friends. They look good on the outside, but inside they are as bad as junk. They give you all the pleasure you need to your face, but talk trash when you are not around.

Perhaps in my aunt's old age, she just got sick of all the fakes she had and wised up to find something real, bag or people.

I will never spend money on a fake bag again, that's for sure! But people? They are hard to see from the inside. When you first meet someone, how can you tell if they are real or fake? I do know that the few friends I keep close are the ones I have invested the most on. They are like designer handbags, expensive but completely worth it! And they will stay with me forever!

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