Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Seeing is believing! And I am a believer! A couple of months ago? Not so much! I was watching TV and saw a commercial for LOREAL's DOUBLE EXTEND MASCARA that claims to have a microfiber base coat to extend your lashes 60% longer than regular length.

Hmm...? I thought. What a scam?

Well, something prompted me to try it out. The base coat did have microfiber that coats a layer of attachments to your lashes, making them longer. Then there's the regular coat of mascara that add volume to each extended lash.

I was ecstatic when I saw my lashes go to new lengths, but even more excited when a co-worker noticed too. AH! The joy of validation!

Double the length, double the fun. Seeing doubles is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!!!!


  1. Elena -

    How does this compare to the MAC mascara mentioned in an earlier posting?

  2. Compared to MAC, I actually like this better, plus it is cheaper too. However, the Double Extend does not thicken as well as MAC. But it does lengthen better.
    Because I am obsessed with mascara, I use both.


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