Sunday, January 25, 2009


Everyone knows the essential steps to a facial: clean, exfoliate, steam, mask, tone and lather on the cream.

If you have an At-Home facial steamer, you know the bliss of reclining on the couch, feet on the coffee table and letting the hot steam pamper your face.

**SIGH!!!!** Life is good!!!!

We steam to open our pores so that when we mask all the dirty bits are taken out, leaving our skin fresh and clean. But after the pores are open, they must be closed in the end. To achieve this, you can wash your face with icy cold water.

Another good practice is to use a toner. Although not necessary, toners even skin tone and also minimize pores.

So here is the trick to trade: if you are strapped for time, store your toner in the fridge. When you need to close the pores with cold water, just use the cold toner. This way, you knock 2 birds with one stone: close and tone.

Pampering can sometimes be time consuming. That's what tricks are for, right? And on The Girlie Blog, we are all about trading these tiny, good tricks.

Happy Facials!!!!

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  1. Forgot to tell you..I read it on the magazine that you can use green tea as your toner. brew the green tea. Put it in a spray bottle and store it in the fridge. Voila~ home made toner


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