Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've always had a soft spot for the hue of blue.  It's the color that I learned to apply eye shadow with, when I was fourteen and had stolen mom's makeup palette.  

All grown up, though I gravitate more to other colors, I'm once in a while still drawn to blue eye shadow, especially when I want to have fun with makeup.  I guess today was one of those days.

For highlighter, I used the lightest color in Revlon's quad colors in Blue Smoke.


On the crease, I applied blue ocean by L'oreal.



For the lids, I used Revlon's Riviera Blue.  To make eyes bigger, I applied outward in.


And then I used my favorite blue liner, Shu DeVit in Victoria Falls, to rim upper and lower lines.


Curl lashes and apply a generous coat of mascara, and my blue shadow is done.

I must admit, I do a much better job now than when I was 14.  It's fun to wear colorful shadow, especially if it makes me feel like a carefree teenager again.


  1. Oh dear. I remember those highschool days of blue eye shadow!!!! Wow, it must be a teenager thing. I look back at pictures and think.. w t f was I doing!!! Shimmery bright blue eye shadow.. with no liner or anything. Made the eyes look swollen!

    I like how you did this. I just may give it a try! :)


  2. i love the neutrals revlon quad. blues are so pretty, but i cant really pull it off.looks really good on you though

    p.s. hellooooooo helloooo :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, darling!
    Love the blue!


  4. Blue is my 2nd favorite color. So beautiful on your eyes! Really fit you!

  5. I feel inspired to try blue eye shadow now. I always wear very neutral colours like brown, beige, and gold. Great post!

  6. Fun stuff... I used to LOVE blue eyeshaw.. the darker hues mixed in with silvery tones.

    xx Love & Aloha

  7. Wow I like it, very pretty look girl ^_^. And your eyelashes are sooo long ^_^

  8. wow looks great!

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  9. It is puurrrrfect for spring summer. : )

  10. To specifically make your blue eyes traffic stoppingly bold, I suggest colors such as: browns, grays, golds, rusty peaches or plum colors.

    Good day.


  11. Gorgeous, my dear, gorgeous! The look is so sweet. Thanks for showing us step-by-step. I've realised that everyone applies eyeshadow differently and I've learnt something new today! :D

  12. love Sandra!

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  13. I love blue looks! your mascara effect is really nice!! ur lashes look great!

  14. You've managed to create a blue shadow that doesn't look trashy. I really like it. Your lashes look awesome, what mascara are you using?


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