Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Bulky isn't necessarily a bad thing, like the bracelets I have been wearing lately - single strands in different shapes and texture but the same color scheme and materials, stacked together to create a lovely bulk.

Like this one that is gun metal colored and tied by a cute, little ribbon.

And these black and white ones tastefully put together.

How about some silver bangles piled on top of each other?

Truth is, I'm not a jewelry person at all.  But for dress up, I do like to decorate just a little.  And these bracelets, stacked and bulky, is just the perfect company for a dressy outfit.


  1. i am a ring and earring girl, but have recently devoloped a love of bracelets. I stack mine three times higher than yours though cause i go big or go home :) great post!

  2. I love stacked jewelry! I need to try that out sometime.

    Thanks for your comment about my tattoo. :)

  3. I love this look too! It's so creative and funky to mix different textures and tones together.

  4. I love bracelets.. and it's fun to mix them up.. I like when they aren't too "matchy matchy". :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. I love jewelries hehe (earrings mostly). I love this post. I really like the 3rd pic. You are right about decorating a little when dressing up hehe.

    About The FaceShop BTW, I think they already have shops in LA if I'm not mistaken ^_^.

  6. So gorgeous, darling!
    Just love these!


  7. I love bracelets and can't get enough of them. They spice up any outfit! These are great choices. Just found your blog and loving it! xoxo

  8. fab post! i dont wear bracelets as i have really thin wrists and they hurt x

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  9. Nice bracelets, I love the last ones!

  10. I love love love bracelets and I used to collect them like crazy. I've toned down a great deal now. Oh, I love to stack them sometimes. It does make a greater impact. :)


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