Sunday, March 28, 2010


Once in a while we all discover products that make us happy.  And I believe that as women, if we learn to love something, we should all share.  Here are some products I've discovered latedly and am loving now:

1) Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

 For a matte effect, this is the best foundation I have ever tried.  It doesn't make me oily and provides great coverage.  After a long day's wear, my face is still matte, clear and evenly covered.  An entire bottle can last about a year, which is totally worth the $33.00 I spent.

2) Dior HydrAction Moisturizer

I love the way this moisturizer made my skin feel.  It glides on smoothly and is not a bit greasy - a great product for daily use with just enough moisture to provide a youthful feel.

3) Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser

I liked the way the foam felt and loved how clean my skin was after wash.  Like its counterpart, Aveeno's Clear Complexion Moisturizer, this face wash left my skin even-toned and clear.

4) Lo'Real Vive Pro Hydra Gloss Conditioner

A friend of mine, who is a hair dresser, introduced this product to me as "the best drug store hair product".  So I gave it a try and I completely agree with him!  It left my hair soft and glossy, just the way I like it.  For someone with an extra abundance of hair, a good conditioner is hard to find.


  1. Wow thanks for sharing this girl, I'll try to check if we have Aveeno here. I'm on the lookout for a new facial cleanser ^_^

  2. I'm gonna try this Loreal conditioner. I agree, it's hard to find a good one!

  3. Great post. I've always wanted to try that Dior Hydraction.

    btw... I'm a follower. :)


  4. I totally agree with you on the Loreal and Aveeno products, they are awesome!

  5. love The Dior hydraaction! And congrats on the baby girl!! so happy for you. Have a name picked out?

    *oh i'm signed in on my dads computer :) this is bailey from blackandwhitecollage :)

  6. does that moisturizing conditioner leave your hair feeling oily? cuz i hate that....

  7. Jozen, thank you for your comment!
    My hair has never felt greasy after using this conditioner. It's always felt pretty smooth and silky. I really like it a lot!

  8. I've been looking for a matte foundation. I was at sephora yesterday looking for one. Thanks for sharing, I think I might want to try this :D.

    Will now be following your blog, follow mine too?:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  9. thanks! i will def pick it up :)

    btw, im your newest follower :)

  10. thanks for sharing! how you feeling momma to be? :)

    For everything about fashion:

  11. I have never been tried any of those products.
    I definitely wanna try the hair product on the end!

  12. Interesting list! Oh wow, if that L'Oreal product is that good, then I'd love to try it. I don't know if it's available here though. :)


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