Friday, June 8, 2012

Blogging Tips Weekly - Beating Writer's Block after a Brilliant Idea

You've got the perfect idea for your next post. Now what?

Many times, I get brilliant ideas for blog posts, and can't wait to share them. Then, when I sit in front of a computer, my mind goes blank. How can I have nothing to write?

Writer's block -- Please tell me I am not the only one who experience this.

No worries though, this method seems to work.

Write like a friend

Your blog is not a term paper for English Lit. Your readers don't care if you sound like an intellectual narcissist. They do care, however, about your knowledge and passion for the subject.

Write as if you are talking to a friend. Convey your ideas in a conversational style. Not only will your blog be easier to read, your down-to-earth-ness will attract more following by NOT making others feel inferior.

How to write like a friend

Set the mood

You light candles for romantic dinners, play music for parties, and put up balloons for kids' birthdays -- why? Because you like to create an ambiance. Doing so puts you and your friends in the mood.

If you blog to your (virtual) friends, shouldn't you set the mood as well?

I like to put girlie shows on -- Desperate Housewives, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives, etc. By playing these in the background, and watching women bond on the shows, I am always ready to talk about women's interest like makeup, skincare and such.

Ex-husbands, secrets and murder - these Desperate Housewives share everything.


Pretend you are sitting across from your girl friend. You guys are sipping martinis and chatting about girlie stuff. From boys to lipstick to planning a bachelorette party, your conversation flows endlessly and intimately.

Now write :O)

Doesn't it feel so much easier now?


 How do you beat writer's block?


  1. I think we all suffer from a creative block from time to time.
    You know what they say, "write what you know" and "to thine own self be true".
    I also think that a break can be beneficial.

  2. Great tips :) I always strive to write as if I was just talking to my friends. I find that letting your personality through your posts is a major factor for a successful post. I just write whatever I think of in my head. I don't second guess myself.If I thought of a funny (well atleast I think it's) line I add it in.

    For me though I never force myself to write if I'm experiencing writer's block. Writing should be effortless and natural. You let the words come to you. you don't find them. They find you, that way it isn't forced. Relax and take your time.Blogging isn't a writing race. In the end your ideas will come back to you. Don't worry. :)

  3. I love your blogging tips! I always wait impatiently for them!!!


  4. These are great ideas! I usually just sleep on it, then I'm fine the next day!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  5. Good suggestion, dear ^^. I usually make a note if I had idea to write for my blog. I'm just write the headline. So if I got nothing to write I will open my note. =)

  6. Great tips! I often find myself thinking 'what should I write' whenever I try to post, especially when I have a good idea and want to write it the best I can. xx

  7. Great post with some good ideas :)

    Tanesha x

  8. I truly enjoy your tips! Thanks so much for the honesty and generosity! U are a pro! xoxo

  9. Lol, no, you're not the only one who gets writer's block. I love how you set the scene by playing girlie shows in the background though :-)

  10. These are such awesome tips!! I will definitely try them out the next time I have writer's block :)

  11. Such an awesome post! Love you long time! Hehe :))

  12. Great tips! It's always great to keep it casual, laidback and easy. Like how we our with our friends! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. I Love these ideas. I have writers block all the time and on top of it...I have a hard time putting myself out there.

  14. Great tips - it is nice to just sit back and let inspiration from other sources (even if they are silly dramas!) help us with our blog ideas! Happy weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. I am so sorry for stopping by so late! When I try to comment at my office it somehow denies access. You look great, I hope you are feeling better! I can def use some beating writer's block tips!

  16. Great ideas, and so true, i like blogs much better when they "talk" to me like a friend;)
    If i get writeres block i just dont write that day, and hope that i will be inspired by something the next day..

    Aesthetic Lounge

  17. Yes, those are great tips and i know what you mean, you get an idea and then sit there and don't know what to write. I think you're smart to put on girly shows and sometimes I actually write stuff out in my head (like notes) and then I know exactly what I'll write later. These are great tips!


  18. Great post, i think i suffer most from motivation to write posts, especially when i've been mia for a while. xX

  19. Thanks for these tips! I sometimes have it, but then I just wait a couple of days for my inspiration to return haha :) Very cool blog, I'm a new follower now :)


  20. Great tips! Thanks! :)

  21. Interesting. I never thought to "set the mood" before. Usually if I have nothing to write about, I make myself start typing anyway. Eventually the seed of an idea starts to grow. I'll try your tip the next time I'm stuck!

  22. Thank you for your lovely comment,dear!
    I really love this post! So cuteee;)
    Have a great weekend
    See you soon
    Fashion tea at 5

  23. great tips ! especially the "pretend" part :)

  24. I love love this post your so right about that its a blog can't be taken to seriously great advise thank you


  25. I seriously love your blogging tips. Thank you so much for sharing! I've always been self cautious about my writing, so I try to write as little as possible.

    xo Jo

  26. great post and tips! love the "pretending" part!

    xx heidi
    life full of loves

  27. This is a really down-to-earth blogging tip quite unlike those formal ones you find churned out everywhere. I could feel your personal voice in it. I seldom suffer from Writer's Block as I'm always behind my photo-story updates. Though I find that my writing skill has deteriorated a great deal from when I first started blogging. I would need to rediscover my descriptive writing skills.

  28. When it comes to blogging I actually keep a notebook where I jot down thoughts, ideas I'd like to cover that way I don't run out of material. Great post.


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