Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Make a Spa Basket for Father's Day

When was the last time you treated your man to a full body rub down?

For Father's Day, I wanted to give my husband a treat that doesn't cost a lot of money. He's quite the weight lifter, and often suffers from sore muscles. So a spa package for men sounded like the perfect idea. However, most spas gift packages cost a few hundred dollars -- yikes!

Maybe I should buy him sushi instead?

But hold it there, lady! He's been such a wonderful husband and father. Doesn't he deserve more than raw fish?

Then, my brilliant idea was born -- a DIY spa basket just for him! It's a home spa gift package custom made just for my husband.

Not only was this spa basket easy to achieve, it's a lovely treat for my husband, and a creative way for us to spend time together.

Same great spa package for men. A fraction of the cost.

If you ever want to save money on a spa package for the men you love, here's how it is done:

 Step 1 - Pick a reusable container

There are so many choices -- glossy gift boxes, straw bags...However, to save even more, you might want something that can be used again.

I happen to stumble upon this little basket. After the spa basket, it can also be a storage container or a desktop trash bin.


Step 2 - Get the right spa basket gifts

A spa basket is already a personalized gift. But you can personalize it even further by adding spa gifts that cater to your man's needs.

For example, my husband loves a relaxing bath. So I included candles, bubble bath, and bath oils in his spa basket.

These candles smell like fresh sea salt.

A tin canned candle makes easy storage.

Yummy bubble bath and smooth oil - what a comforting combo.

My husband values a clean shave. I'm making sure he gets it.

All the wonderful products are now neatly placed inside. Almost done!


Step 3 - Add something sweet to the mix

Just a spa basket isn't enough. Appreciate your man with a personalized note or card.

Hehe. A "gift certificate" for a massage. Redeemable anytime ;o)

And of course, a note from his little girl.


Step 4 - Finishing touches

Always garnish your gift basket with pretty things. Just a few tissue papers and a bow takes your spa basket from DIY to luxurious.

When decorating gifts, I always resort to tissue paper and bows.

Topping this basket with scrunched up tissue paper gives it volume and grace.

At last, a big, fat, beautiful bow.


Finally, this Father's Day Spa Basket is complete!

Signed and sealed with love.

What about you?

How did you celebrate Father's Day?


  1. This is very awesome idea. you did a really good job for him. We only have a dinner together. My husband, didn't accept our gift except a letter or note and little chocolate but he really happy... :-)

  2. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.
    I adore your blog as well, now following<3

  3. Aww how cute, even though I'm 100% against these stupid commercial holidays!

  4. You're so creative! Love the idea ;)

    <3, natasha @ twenty-something blog

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment in my blog dear! I love your blog and I'm following you now. Follow back please? ♥

  6. Aww that's so sweet and thoughtful! I hope he loved it!

  7. Great gift idea!

    Bad Joan

  8. this is such a sweet personal gift! a lovely idea!

  9. very awesome idea!!! thank you so much!


  10. How cool!! Thank you for your comment on my blog! Yes, it's weird for socal to be cold at this time of year...but our weather is always bipolar -_- Followed you(: Hope you can follow back!!!

  11. so cute dear, lovely gift!

  12. Great idea, it's nice to do something different

  13. Ooo I could do with a spa basket myself! I bet your dad loved it, hope you guys had a great day.


  14. awww..that's so sweet!! :)
    I wasn't able to give my dad anything.. just a hug and kiss :)

    happy father's day to your dad!:)

  15. OMG! I love it! The best part is the certificate. That's just amazing. love the massage parts too..You are so creative.. I just love it..

    Thanks for sharing this coolnesss

    <3 Una

  16. That is so cute, what a genius idea!

  17. Ooh such a great idea!!! We all pitched in and gave my dad a "coupon" for a Nikon camera lens :)

  18. How cute, i have never thought about treating my husband to a home spa. This is a great idea. Would be even more fun to add a sexy outfut to give him a bit of an imagination..haha. i will have to borrow your idea.

  19. Great idea, especially the gift certificate ;)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. Looks amazing, what a wonderful gift x

  21. Thank you so much for the idea :D
    Un besito ^^

  22. fab idea.:) we had sushi and just spent time a home. :)

    have a great week!

  23. Lovely idea!!!
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  24. This is such a sweet idea! Even for dad's b'day and special occasions! Thanks for sharing:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
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  25. I love the DIY step by step instructions! I actually find men so hard to buy for!

    Thanks for this my dear! How was it btw?


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  26. This is such a cute, lovely idea ! In Italy we celebrate father's day on 19th march, you know ! I am sure when my hubby will be a dad I will want to organize something so cool as well and I will take inspiration from this ! He would love it for sure ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  27. You are an amazing mother and wife! What a great idea. Took my hubby out to brunch and gave him some gifts and a photo card of us for him.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  28. How cute is this! I love that you took something that is usually so feminine and turned into a guy thing! What a clever idea!


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